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Here lies the problem: it will not be fast.
Every single restore we did in the past years required a long time to correct small glitches. No data has been lost, but full system operations were restored hours later.
Hotsync is not maintaining its promise and @flatspin confirms our experience.

I’m the one who started the development of hotsync and I must admit that now I think that it’s not suited for a modular product like NethServer.
I think it’s “unfixable”. I’ll try to support anyone who wants to maintain it, wishing him “good luck”.


but which is faster then a new setup, restore of the settings and after that restore of the data-backup (a full backup needs around 19hrs at the moment - so I can imagine how long a restore will need)

@iglqut I didn’t have so bad experinces with hotsync.
The main problem in my case were the repos.
In the automated restore of the config you get errors of all modules which need disabled repos when it tries to restor i.e. SOGo on a server with subscription. The reposfiles are synced with the master.
The one importand thing you have to do, is to enable all repos before beginning of restoring config and installing modules. Otherwise you will get a messed up configuration, but no data loss.

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Thank, that is important information- so far we did not need any disaster recovery fortunately.

We had some problems accessing various services, mostly due to wrong user permissions on file and directories and to the mysql database. It took a lot of time to discover and fix all the problems.

I repeat: no data loss, only hours of work to restore functions.

I have a list of issues I’ve collected over time, I’ll share them with the new maintainers. :slight_smile:


Quite a bit “too much”. No path viable to speed up?


you really deserve it, thank for all your contributions

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Here is the PR


When the full backup needs a lot of time we simply do not run a full backup. :slight_smile:
I mean, we use a snapshot backup engine: restic or rsync.
However, restore time should be measured at least once, for a ballpark figure.

I think that a “Backup Cafè” topic should be opened. Just for chatting and explaining why, when and how to backup :wink:

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Please test the new package.

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