NethServer HotSync Cockpit

Hi all,
I merged the new interface Cockpit into master repo. We need to test it. To update your package use this command:

yum update -y nethserver-cockpit nethserver-cockpit-lib nethserver-hotsync --enablerepo=nethserver-testing,nethforge-testing

Test cases:

  • check page browser title is HotSync (use English language)
  • check that dashboard shows correct services configuration
  • check that settings page works as expected (reading config, update config and validate data)
  • check that button HotSync (on master), HotSync slave and Promote (on slave) works as expected.

Please test it on testing machine :slight_smile:

Report here your results.
Thank you.


Hi Federico, thats great news. Thanks a lot.

I’ll test it ASAP, but not today anymore. Out of office for now!
Weekend! Yes… :smiley:

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Browser title is HotSync.
Dashboard shows correct values.

In Hotsync settings the values are reset every 5 seconds.
No matter if I untick “Service enabled” or open the role dropdown and choose a role.


Yes, you are right: I’m going to separate the status update function to avoid data update when you are modifying settings. Thank you :slight_smile:

@mrmarkuz Could you re-test it? New package is: nethserver-hotsync-2.0.3-1.5.g388b108.ns7.noarch.rpm

To update it: yum clean all && yum update -y nethserver-hotsync --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

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Settings page is working now, I could update the config and dashboard shows correct values. Great work! :clap:
More tests (buttons) will follow…


Installed testenviroment with 2 vms.
Save Button works. => database props are changed.
Hotsync button seems to work. => root directory on slave is identical with master!
Dashboard looks great.
The promote button doesn’t seem to work correctly.
But I think it shouldn’t be there at all. The restore of the slave to the master should be done on CLI IMO.
It’s essential to read the output of the promote command and only if it’s output is o.k. to give the post restore data event. So I don’t know how to this without command line.
I vote for let the restore procedure completely at the command line and cancel the promote button.
Maybe a Info box with a link to the documentation and a hint to do restore on CLI would be better.
What do you think? /cc @mrmarkuz

Nevertheless thanks for this wonderfull work @federico.ballarini :+1: :clap:
You deserve :1st_place_medal: at least for it!


As you prefer. I can investigate why it doesn’t work or we can simply remove it.

/cc: @giacomo @davidep

Logs should be or not should be synced?
IMVHO there are PROS (historical records of activities, GDPR, so on) and CONS (logs could be unrelated to the installation, therefore could not be useful for troubleshooting the new/slave installation)

I do not have any preference for the hotsync.
As a general rule, if you can do something in the UI without too many problems, go with it.
If the process is really hard to automate, go with the command line :slight_smile:


Thinking on it, it’s a delicate command. I think it’s better to remove it and do it from CLI.
Then we can release the interface? Do you agree?

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As far as I can see, I agree. Good job.
Thanks for your work.

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Removed and verified!
Thank you very much :slight_smile: