Backup Cafè: how, when, why and how long

Most of people would like to have a king size backup experience during a caffè espresso time.
Often, it’s not like that.
Coffee italian’s way is quite fast prepared by espresso machine, but most of the times the backup is painfully slow.For someone… 19 hours. My answer is “ouch”, too much time, but i don’t know all the magic book for understand the spell.

So, if you want, let’s talk about how, what, when, why and how long takes your most important task on a server. The Backup.

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The only suggestion that I can give you is to use restic instead of duplicity in case of large size data.
It works fine, the only long task is the first. It works fine also when you have 2 backup disks and you interchange them every week.

Well, we´re doing full backups every Week, increment daily and keep them for 2 Weeks. Backup is done on a separate NAS and that does a copy daily on two USB Disk changed every week. One of the USB Disks is always taken to a different place.
Additionally we are using a RAID 5 at the VM Ware Server hosting the Nethserver and Hotsync to a second Stand a lone Server for availability reasons. Call me paranoid- I am.
As the full Backup is Friday night 19 hours do not bother us really. Only with lager updates were we first have to snapshot the virtual Nethserver machine, and Test and then resolve the snapshot again for performance and security reasons- weekends are sometimes a bit stressy.
We changed the Backup pieces from 2MB to 200mb which shortened the Time from 26-30 hours to 19, and that´s OK for us at the moment.
But we´re really open to suggestions to improves that as long as we will have the same status of security.