Nethserver-hostync is now officially part of the NethForge

The nethserver-hostync package is now officially part of the NethForge:

This is a list of known issues:

  • sometimes users of Maria database are not correctly restored to the destination machine
  • permissions on mail folder (/var/lib/nethserver/vmail) could be messed up, the same issue affects also the before.sieve script
  • AD container could fail to start on the target machine because the nsdc service is disabled
  • if the backup is configured to include logs (config getprop backup-data IncludeLogs), logs are synced to target machine
  • the data backup on the slave should be automatically disabled
  • hotsync-slave fails if Owncloud is installed, the admin should commend the ’exclude from yum.conf
  • ownership of some path (data, configuration, backups and logs) are wrong for the following users:asterisk, c-icap, ejabberd, rspamd/redis,ufdbguard,vmail
  • httpd-admin is disabled on the target
  • /etc/freepbx.conf is not synced: after the promotion of the slave, FreePBX web interface is not accessible

If someone needs more details about these issues, feel free to open a new thread and @filippo_carletti or @nrauso will help to gather more info.

We are experimenting a bit to find some possible replacements for the hotsync using some widespread virtualization solution. We are going to share our finding :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who is joining the new hotsync and special kudos to Federico!


Here we are! Please test it.

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