2nd Community Meeting at FOSDEM 2017

Hi folks,
as every year, we’re going to FOSDEM - 4 & 5 February 2017 Save the date!


Who can get there? I know it’s easier for Central European people and less for others but last year was an amazing chance to meet up, chat, and drink a beer together!

Part of the NethServer community will be definitely there and as always I’m working on getting accepted a talk :slight_smile:

  • Can we organize some technical (just for us) sessions ? Who wants to attend and hold them?
  • NethServer Community Dinner – 20.30 Saturday, Feb 4th at Amadeus ?

Hope some of you can make it
That is going be a HUGE opportunity to meet the NethServer Community as a whole!



I’ll be there. Although I am living in Belgium, it still is 1,5hrs by public transportation. If anyone has a place to crash in Brussels, I will be happy to bring a sleepingbag so I can stay both days.


We will be there also :wink:
Looking forward to discuss and meet you again ( @all ) and get some more inside NS knowledge :slight_smile:


That’s a huge news!!! :heart_eyes:
Right now, that’s the dream team:


Guys where are you? @GG_jr @dnutan @flatspin @mark_nl @Hunv @enzoturri @jackyes @gabriele_bulfon @m.traeumner @bwdjames @medworthy @Fred @indra @rolf

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From what I understood @Nas will be there too.
It’s not confirmed but he can tell us if he will be also there


NASSS ??? Are you sure? AWESOME :slight_smile:

I’ll try to pass by


Hope to see you there! :wink: you can ping me on twitter.com/ale_fattorini

Not sure if I’m able to get out there - would love to though…

If I can, I’ll let you guys know


I don’t know at this time, if I could come I’ll let you know.

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@bwdjames @m.traeumner @indra you have to be there!
We can set up some technical lectures just for us by our @dev_team what do you think?


I would love to be there, unfortunately there are some high priority things I need to be looking at then.

If my plans change and I can be there, I will come.

Well, well,well ladies, gentlemen…Let’s me say something.

There is nothing more important on this earth than the Fosdem :slight_smile:

It is just a weekend for good time, issues and problems will wait the monday.


I’ll do my very best… :joy:
If I don’t have to work I would come


Plane booked…here I go even If I need to sleep under a bridge.


I’m there for sure. Hotel and plane booked since 2 months at least. I hope to be there for the dinner at Amadeus on Saturday :slight_smile:


Face-to-Face community events are an essential part of building a healthy collaborative culture.

Join us at Fosdem Community Meeting!!

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Again, that’s the dream team:

@robb + wife
@Ctek + wife

@paspo ?

Anyone else? Emiliano are you going to come at our community dinner with the whole group?

How should we organize the meetings?
I have three proposals:

  • occupy a table in caffeteria (just for us) so we can have a common reference point for the whole group. Here we can chat, drink something together, and so on…
  • ask for a free room where we can hold some talks between us. Any topic or speaker to suggest?
  • organize and book the usual dinner!

I’m available for any Q&A session or even for helping in module development.

I back this.

I also propose a telegram group to reach everyone while at FOSDEM.