Weekly welcome to new members - 30 Jan 17

Happy new week NethServer Family :heart_eyes_cat:
we’re very close to our 2th Community Meeting at FOSDEM in Bruxelles are you ready for that?
I can’t wait :hugging: to spend some time with you
That is going be a HUGE opportunity to meet the NethServer Community as a whole!

Now it’s time to welcome all of the people who recently joined this group so let’s dive right into that!

New members!! You’re all incredibly important members of this community and we’re so glad you’re here!

Please introduce yourselves by commenting below and telling us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • What’s one challenge you’re thinking through right now?

Help me give a very warm welcome to 28 new amazing faces :


Is it me or is our community growing faster than ever? AMAZING! And I love it to see so many new faces. Feel free to introduce yourselves here and if you have any questions, start a new topic.
Welcome all! Let us know what made you come over to the NethServer community.


I have arrived here after many months searching, lurking.
I am not a developer, but one of the many small business owners looking for a MS SBS replacement.
I have a small family run electronics design and manufacturing business. My day job is PCB layout and assembly.
I am also the I.T department with a little knowledge and zero budget.
The need for SBS replacement is now critical due to aging hardware, no support, SHA1 depreciation etc.
We currently run MS SBS2011 on an old Dell 2950
File storage is handled by Synology D412+ NAS
11 users running Office 2013 for general docs and email, with a couple of CAD machines.
The MS upgrade path from SBS could run into £1000’s, that I don’t have, but at the same time I need a reliable, secure system.
As a recommendation from a third party IT support company, I was on the verge of signing a contract for an Igaware box with Zarafa doing the Exchange function. My confidence took a knock, when I found out that Zarafa had dropped Outlook support, so stated looking again, and found NethServer.
We are just about to set up a trial server to see if NS will do everything thing we need. Our needs are very basic, so I cannot see why NS should not be suitable. The only sticking point would be email, as we are kind of stuck to Outlook as a client. I have tried to introduce alternatives to MS in the past, Open Office, Thunbderbird etc and was greeted with a lot of moans and groans from the users.
Looking forward to trying NS and giving feedback, even if it is mostly from a users point of view.

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Ehi Gene welcome to the NethServer Family,
I love lurkers :slight_smile: so I’m happy to see your post here.
We need your feedback so please provide us as many suggestions as possible.
Hope to see you hanging around for a while.