NethServer 7 Final ISO


The NethServer 7 Final ISO is ready for testing! /cc @quality_team

Download links:

  • ISO 740MB direct download is no more available, use torrent
  • md5sum 4c5241633d2c39060de4522cb3a60302
  • sha1sum 26246d05ee18f1f9ecc6dcbf3660ab58f939a120
  • torrent file info hash 16B4B1DD4E98247E71AB979356EC759ADDDDE984

General availability

If no major problems to ISO are found in a short time frame, the ISO general availability will be soon to follow!

Release notes

@giacomo has already updated the release notes, please review them!

FOSDEM 2017 :beers:




I LOVE IT!!! Testing now


amazing :slight_smile:

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Great effort to have the final ready before Fosdem! Downloading and installing as we speak!

And updated my homeserver:

Note: look at the backup: WEBDAV used with many thanks to @dnutan


Remote DNS looks strange: why

agreed. Google DNS should be enough. Although, if I set some DNS records for local network, localhost should be set as DNS server too??..

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My DPI is empty

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I can’t reproduce it here!

Is shorewall running? Did you install fail2ban?

 lsmod | grep ndpi
xt_ndpi               498540  0 
nf_conntrack          111302  19 xt_ndpi,xt_CT,nf_conntrack_netbios_ns,nf_conntrack_proto_gre,nf_nat,xt_state,nf_nat_ipv4,xt_conntrack,nf_conntrack_amanda,nf_conntrack_broadcast,nf_conntrack_ftp,nf_conntrack_irc,nf_conntrack_sip,nf_conntrack_h323,nf_conntrack_ipv4,nf_conntrack_pptp,nf_conntrack_sane,nf_conntrack_snmp,nf_conntrack_tftp
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I did a clean installation of NethServer 7. I have not yet installed fail2ban

Shorewall works well

It seems to me that with the final release hurry.

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Torrent-downloading now :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll arrive to FOSDEM with the new ISO.


Could you please elaborate a bit? What are your concerns?

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Like all good, but not the feeling of some incompleteness. Remember the problems with fail2ban, two days busy with CUPS - that’s where it came from line to Unclear. Problems with configuring network interfaces during installation. Here is when you install a single network interface to set up immediately to PPPoE? I could not get. And it seems clear that this is a problem ‘anaconda’, but the impression is not an ‘anaconda’, but the distribution.

Yesterday all day carry with DokuWiki module - in a formal recommendation on the DokuWiki said that for security reasons it is desirable to change the default path ‘savedir’, changed, adjusted in the config - stopped working! Can not create a new page, trying to create a page - I open the edit page ‘start’. Although the setting I did as my server with a similar SLES. I returned all settings back - earned. On the other system settings such work, but here - not. Unclear.

Now I have to tinker with the openvpn - both on the server to issue a new server self-signed certificate? I installed the server, changed his name and Organization contacts, but the server certificate shows me:

/etc/pki/tls/certs/NSRV.crt NethServer, O=Example Org, ST=SomeState, OU=Main

I do not need ‘Example Org’. Why can not I create a new certificate via the web interface? See how it’s done in OpenMediaVault and ClearOS.

The authors suggest ‘Software center’ periodically clear the cache yum. What for? You can not clean? Then why resemble? We must be sure to clean? Then why ask? Is not it better to do automatic cleaning? Unclear.

In general, I like the distribution and it is clear that nothing happens without glitches. And I turned my home server on it with ClearOS on NS. While I found it in his home as a proxy server, and the workplace is tested in a virtual machine. We will see.

P.S. By the way, dashboards, where displays information about the software raid would be a good idea to specify a mount point. I have a year and do not remember what I mdXXX is responsible for what, and so soon we’ll see.


Well, first of all thank you for listing here the issues you encountered with ns7!

Please, remember that NethServer receives regular updates that fix problems and introduce new features: we call it rolling release. Maybe being rolling is somewhat different to mark it final. However the Final here is the ISO. Our ISO is one of the available methods to install NethServer.

We’ll keep on working on NS7 for the next years. I hope you’ll be with us to help with developing and testing new features!


Here is the way:



In rс3 me there is only offered to change the date to which the certificate is valid. I confess that after upgrading to the final, I did not look back.
Thank you.

How to issue a certificate for the user (for openVPN)? Only through the console?

Just create a new Account inside the OpenVPN page: the certificate is automatically created.
You can then download the full configuration or just the certificates.