Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix

We should make them clearer I guess, a FAQ?

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i would just add that zentyal has site-to-site VPN via Zentyal-To-Zentyal (openVPN tunnel). Problem is this only works if you have 2 zentyal servers. But it works well in that case. Good thing for nethserver is that Zentyal 4.1 dropped a lot of features (traffic shaping, IDS,…). If i were running NethServer i would even consider google adwords for keywords for people that are looking for those missing features in zentyal 4.1 (since they are gone). This might be an opportunity for nethserver to take zentyal’s user base.

Just for the record, NethServer supports vpn net-to-net and roadwarrior, with another NethServer or server linux with openvpn.
Vpns IPSec net-to-net are supported too. Take a look at the docs for more infos

@alefattorini I know that, I was simply pointing out the mistake in the matrix that says Zentyal doesn’t have it. I like NethServers idea better, still have to test it though :wink:

You’re right, the @WolfAddict should add the correct version 4.1 for Zentyal

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can we add OCS NG, Nagios and Adagios on the comparison chart? i like those features :smiley:

Sure, Just added!

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haha i know this movie series… it’s hilarious man… and every episode? its near into reality hahaha :smiley: :smiley:

Has Zentyal ever resolved their upgrade issues? I remember for a period of time that you couldn’t simply upgrade without having to remove some or all Zentyal packages and reinstall them. If you were lucky, things worked after the upgrade. I know I spent quite some time fixing LDAP and user accounts after one upgrade; it wan’t fun. It might be worth while to place a footnote or comment about the ease of upgrading NethServer compared to Zentyal. Of course if Zentyal fixed those upgrade issues, it wouldn’t make sense to add it.

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It has been fixed. I am a current Zentyal user and I no longer have to uninstall packages to upgrade. Been fixed for a while now actually. Just a simple ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ suffices now.

I’m in the middle of upgrading both my network and servers and I’m looking at alternatives to Zentyal. Not that I dislike Zentyal. But I also believe that it could be much better and I haven’t seen much of a change in the last few versions. I have to say after installing Neth in a VM on my server I rather like it. It ran my virtual PC network rather well for the few hours I tried it.


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I am mighty glad to have stumbled onto this thread …

I have been a Zentyal user for years, but have found it very unsatisfactory as a solution … not because the free version is somewhat crippled, but because I cannot automate adding clients, or dns, or anything with zentyal. The Zentyal config files are buried in custom DBs (that they don’t share the details of) … maybe due to their EBox historical bases … and that makes it one heck of a silly and useless system to me

As a sysadmin/devops guy who understands and works with all the components that make up zentyal for a living, the only reason I run it is for convenience and to aid inexperienced admins (assisting with maintenance/admin tasks), and end users.

Not being able to easily query the system from the CLI, or add/remove entries for dns and such, has meant that I have been on the lookout for an alternative … for a long while.

I have already seen some guys using Ansible to manage Nethserver, and that ends the comparisons for me … I am moving over pronto.

I read through other comments, and was surprised that no one else flagged this major and (IMHO) most significant differentiating factor between nethserver and zentyal …

Thanks to the project team and contributors for making nethserver possible … I look forward to making any contributions I can, once I have understood the innards of nethserver.


Carlos, great to have you here and happy to see you already noticed such significant difference, it’s really true! :yum:
You are able to manage NethServer by the CLI as by the WebUI. Plus, we have some Ansible experts here like @giacomo and BGLUG guys like @enricobacis and @syntaxerrormmm they will definitely be happy to help you.
How would you like to be involved here?

I feel called in :wink: You may take some notes starting from here, much more for the nethcfg role.

This could be much more improved, I can think of:

  • Sharing the role on Ansible Galaxy;
  • Building extra modules to work with the e-smith layer in simple manner (e.g. calling e-smith-db, e-smith-cfg and e-smith-event modules);
  • (of course) generalizing the role and providing intermediate API to help sysadmins manage NethServer with Ansible.

Unfortunately I may see some issues with the Ansible development, lately they are a little “unstable” also on stable and release branches, and this is a pity.

If you have any questions, please do ask :slight_smile:

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Ok, I might of missed in the thread or I might be out of date on Nethserver’s implementation, but Zentyal has a full blown Samba 4 domain controller, and Nethserver only has domain integration. I think that is glossed over in the sheet when it states that they both have domain services. So are we being honest with ourselves and others?

My understanding is that v7 will have Samba 4 with Domain controller functionality, correct?




You’re right, if we’re talking about 6.* just domain integration is avaialble.
V7 will have Samba 4 with Domain controller functionality
The matrix above is editable, feel free to add your comments. :point_up:


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