Trying OCS inventory + adagios module

thanks @alefattorini

I am just thinking if we can add a ticketing system on NS? :smiley: like OsTicket?

Sure, feel free to open a new topic about and try to install it

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@ironsky, yes, it would indeed be great! While I have tried osTicket and is currently enjoying it, we have there’s a module of OCS-Inventory, which I have not tried with NS, BTW.

Previously, I’ve tried OCS-Inventory but not extensively. Installed it in Ubuntu 14.04 with GLPI. Impression was also great.

If you have the luxury of time, can you check if it will be possible to install GLPI, it should work great with OCS-Inventory…and you will have a powerful inventory as well as ticketing system.

Presently, I’m using Spiceworks for Asset Management and ticketing system.

@alefattorini, I think this should be moved to different topic. Presently under Zentyal vs Nethserver comparison Matrix. :smile:

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Guys, I installed OCS-Inventory + Adagios + Nagios on my NS already, last nighth while doing my laundry :smiley:

at first, I have a hard time to install the ISO on virtual machine or even using a usb to boot up.

What I did, I install the CentOS 6.7 x64 minimal install and from there I installed NS from terminal… my experience?

AWESOME!!! I can’t believe that this NS can setup for 2 to 3 commands from my terminal. WOAH :smiley:

@vhinzsanchez, I tried GLPI + OCS Inventory already inside on my Synology including OsTicket. But, since this box is for storage and backup purposes only, I am planning to pass it on my NS. Actually, even I installed those systems but I haven’t tried their full functions. May be, after installing my first NS in my office that’s the time i will play around it little bit more.

I have a bad experience on Spiceworks bro, I will tell you later but first, i’ll add you first kabayan.

Just splitted, please could you open a new topic about Asset management?
Click on “Reply as linked topic” on the right

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thanks buddy, I will work on that now and let you know or may be do some video on howto also… because I prefer video than explaining it on plain english :smiley:

is that ok?

Sure! Please do a short video (5-10 mins), it’s more user-friendly.

btw, can we change the title to OCS-Inventory NG, adagios is not an addon of this system.

Thank you.

Are you sure?

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Yes I am sure, Adagios is a plugins for Nagios to change the interface and remove some unnecessary functions and for much more friendly use. you can even change your *,cfg config files without going to your terminal when adding your clients.

OCS-Inventory NG is almost the same with GLPI, it depends on the user which one they want to use. for me OCS-Inventory NG is much more friendly and very easy to use when adding clients for both linux and windows.

please correct me if I am wrong.

No, you’re right but I have just corrected this sentence: Adagios + nethserver-adagios IS an addon of NethServer
Maybe I haven’t understood correctly

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@alefattorini - Can I post the video tutorial for OCS here?

Let me know or do i need to post another topic?

Post another topic on HowTo section :smile:

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