Zentyal vs NethServer comparison matrix

Guys, anybody knows how to attach a table into Inkscape to not have this bad look? I think I’m done for today, tomorrow it will be finalized with the help of some kind of a miracle ehehhhe…

ps: I’ll also chop the lower empty part. Tomorrow :slight_smile:
ps2: there is some space left at the Origins sections, recommendations are very welcome. Maybe original author’s name?


A few comments. Zentyal does support Zentyal to Zentyal (server to server) VPN tunnels. Zentyal 4.1, as some have said, is dropping support for traffic shaping, web proxy, content filtering and perhaps other gateway services. This change is what has brought me to NethServer.

Some more comments:
Zentyal 4.1 does not have

  • FTP server
  • Webserver server (for general use)
  • UPS management
  • High Availability
  • Traffic Shaping & QoS
  • Http or Https Proxy
  • Captive Portal
  • Radius Server
  • Bandwidth Monitor

All the above exist in Zentyal 3.2. After this version, and with every new version, one by one, all the above features … disappeared!!!
Me and many others came here because of those … disappearances :wink:

We could include in the comparison the following

  • SSO
  • Antivirus

@WolfAddict could you please drop features above? Guess we should compare zentyal 4.1 and NethServer 6.6. How about?

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Yes, I’ll fix it tonight of course.

just a hint, do you know this?
http://piktochart.com/ it seems really nice and easy

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Particularly I didn’t try this one, thanks for the tip. :grin:

I think that in the comparison we could include the technologies used.

  • In Zentyal for DNS, the software Bind is used and in Nethserver the software dnsmasq

Some other differences might also be useful

  • In Zentyal the WAN Failover feature can be implemented with one external interface and multiple gateways (IPs) on this interface and I think in Nethserver one interfaces is mandatory for each gateway.

I can help with those, and general with the comparison

I’m not sure to go into all that much details, a generic overview could be enough for newcomers.
Perhaps we can do another advanced comparison :wink:

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Agreed, infographics must be very straightforward for anyone, simple is better. Too much text makes it really noisy and annoying.

Anyway maybe the point is to get new users, not to to do scientific achives imho :smiley:


Whener you are ready, I am willing to help

I’m ready… you can start to work on an advanced comparison… :wink:

happy to help


Yes I remember now, I’ve already tried this. They want money from everything on earth. :frowning: I don’t like this policy. Sticking with offline Inkscape for now, this will be the best :wink:
You know I like the NethServer policy: get everything for free, learn to use it, love it, share into the community and promote it to others who will buy support, for ex. my company :smile:


I moved a post to a new topic: Comparison between Univention and NethServer

Guys sorry to say but I have to give up on experimenting with this spreadsheet inside infographics thing. I neither have knowledge nor have time to play with this anymore, so I attach the svg file I’ve created with Inkscape, if anybody feels so please fix it to not be that ugly like now.
I’m rather doing the Hungarian translating job jow, it’s a little delayed I think.

Here’s the file:


Thanks anyway man! Any Zentalian’d like to continue great @WolfAddict’s work? @fmoreira @gsiotas @todd_firkins @8omas @Ctek ? :wink:

Unfortunatelly I’m not good with graphics… Also time is a big issue but I’ll give my support if someone is going further with this project.

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Comparison matrix above is updated? Should we add/modify something?

Hi! NethServer does not have FTP and WEB servers which allow for example to deploy company website (at least it is not configurable from management web interface). Or am I missing something?

Oh, found FTP. It should be installed manually - yum install nethserver-vsftpd. But anyway there is nothing for web server with virtual hosts which can be configured from admin-interface…

PS: Also found how to make web server using shared folders! Question closed :slight_smile: NS is great!