Missing Samba domain policies

My biggest promblem with NS is the missing Samba domain policies. I have to spend a lot of time to make useable my Zentyal servers after any upgrades. Now I’m looking for an alternative server, but the file sharing not enought for me, I need domain policies. May the Univention the right answer.

I have to say NS is big supprise for me, every parts of it works perfecrly. Nice job! Maybe the NS 8.0 with full Samba features will be the perfect server for my clients and me. :smile: :smile: :smile:

It is a long ride from OpenLDAP to Samba4 LDAP


Ehi Zoltan welcome on NethServer Community,

We have already discussed this issue many times:
Why not Samba4/AD on NethServer?

DC compatible with Active Directory/GPO (Windows Server replacement)

And we have decided to put it on our roadmap
Roadmap for Q1 2016

and recently @davidep’s got a surprise for us :smile: