Why the Netserver Webgui doesn't have a favicon?


Why the Netserver webgui doesn’t have a favicon?
How can I put the same favicon as the comunity nethserver site?

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NethServer has a favicon: https://server_name:980/images/favicon.png

No, the web webgui definitively doesn’t have a favicon… :unamused:

“Sweet home” is the Nethserver instance…

You’re right neither on my android I can use the favicon for the home button. Uhm, I need to go deeper…

A favicon is not a favicon.ico ?

The web interface HAS a favicon, but not all browsers respect the standard.

Please see http://www.w3.org/2005/10/howto-favicon

So it’s a webkit issue ? ( there proble with ipad, Os X and Android )

Can you make a test converting the png in .ico?

It’s only a draft. However it’s widely adopted. The w3c page links in turn to this Wikipedia article, that seems more exhaustive:

@jim would you mind making some cross-browser compatibility tests?

Chrome and Mozilla under the Win7 wokrs fine :slight_smile:

On the Mac with Firefox, the favicon is present:

@Jim you could convert png to ico and put it in right folder of NS

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Perhaps an Apple extension is required to see the icon also on the desktop and splash screen:

I really don’t think an extention can help, because the favicon of the nethserver comunity is ok.

Depend on the wikipedia link, perhaps is the version of the .png.

Is it easy to convert the .png in the .ico… Or there have to put the hands on the e-smith layer/template :grin:

By “extension” I was meaning

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" ...>

@jim if you have an Apple client you can check it out. I need your help to open a new enhancement!

Where to put this code?

At home I have a Mac,

If I understand correctly the Wikipedia page, Mac and some Android devices use that LINK tag for the desktop shortcut and site preview, that is not necessarily the Favourite links!

We could add that LINK line after this one:

The path on the server should be


The favicon.png is under


Sources are here:

@Jim would you like to take on this challenge? :smile:

I think this feature is not a priority but is a very good “junior job” to practice our development process and the new packages.nethserver.org!

@giacomo, @davidep, @filippo_carletti, @alep, @stephdl, @Stll0, @alefattorini Dev Team?

Indeed, we should re-work this post with new jobs

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I will do it, don’t worry about this.
I like things well polished…