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After waking up this morning and whilst enjoying my first coffee of the day, I checked my e-mail and noticed a mail entitled ‘Breaking News on NethServer - June 2017’.

I am very happy to see that @alefattorini has released a news letter and am hoping that this idea will continue as a monthly edition.


Happy to read this man. I try to keep it up with it on monthly basis… what do you appreciate most?
Give me your honest feedback.


If marketing is the attempt of getting the word out to a larger audience then this news letter is a step in the right direction.

I would like to see a sign-up form (or links to) for this letter on both the main NS web sites / Wiki and any future social media posting.

I also think that the news letter shoudn’t be very technical but should include any new developments, new features and general information about NS. As well as links to any 3rd party reviews and discussions about NS.

I think that you have striked a good balance of general information and more technical information within this letter, also the injection of humor (ie. the paragraph that includes “Being alone sucks”) is a good and fun idea (but shouldn’t be overused or takeaway from the main subjects / message).

Also, I like the idea of promoting the community that resides within this forum and think if you can further promote the idea of free discussions that allows the community to give input and help to mould the future of the NS platform within the news letter, then this would encourage more people to sign-up and contribute to NS.


Who join this community automatically joins the newsletter. I can split the sign up if you think it’s better but I don’t think so.

That’s one of my goals. Do you think that is currently so technical?

I’m not sure to understand, what do you mean? Can you show me some concrete actions to be taken?

I agree that it is a good idea to send the newsletter to new community members but I still think that, for maximum reach (and therefore to further promote NS), a separate sign-up form would be a good idea.

After reviewing the first edition, I think there is a good mixture of technical and general information.

I not sure about actual actions that could be taken but this forum contains a friendly and vibrant community that provide some excellent work (on that note, I want congratulate @stephdl on his hard work and am really happy to see that his modules are being included within the core project :slight_smile:).

NS highly encourages the input of community members (which I consider as a major strength of this open-source project) and I have enjoyed participating not only in conversations about specificly NS based issues but also more general discussions about the open-source movement and the history of Linux (I am thinking about the general discussions – re: topics including Office Web Projects, Remembering our origins GNU/Linux and What is your Linux distribution).

I do think if some of the more general topics are included within the newsletter, this would encourage more people to contribute to this forum (and the overall project). It would also be nice to highlight some of the work from participating users (if only to demonstrate that this is an active project and the fact that user input is being appreciated).


I will take your suggestions into the account. I found that Not-members are more interested in product discussions/news than Community discussions where they’re not involved. But I could be wrong and I just need to try again. Thanks for your insights

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