What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?

What dou you think about Nethserver to act as a NAS ?
A cross discussion:

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Which software do you suggest? Do you have tried to install and configure something on NethServer? How it works?

It`s not properly based on software but based on webgui modules such theses from Webmin:

With existing Nethserver modules like file sharing, Nethserver could easily beconme a NAS.

We could get inspiration from OMV, FreeNAS and NAS4Free and webmin.

If we get inspiration from Webmin, all recent versions of Webmin are under a BSD-like licence, meaning that it may be freely distributed and modified for commercial and non-commercial use.

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Again, thinking out loud here – a user here not a developer – just wishful thinking.

Will it be possible (well as the title suggest --What is the most awesome module/feature for NS, hat does not yet exist?) take file server and collaboration a notch higher? I mean, a document management system and perhaps project management? With standard versioning/check-in-check-out feature? Look perhaps LogicalDocs and/or Alfresco.

And after that, a whole bunch of CRM/ERP :beers: :scream:

Please can you suggest a specific open source software? If Centos packages are already available is better :smile:


For a DMS software, I know a little LetoDMS.
I know because it`s in the catalog of Softaculous.

As ERP software…
I don`t know, but take a look at:
I have already eard about Dollibar, But without more knowledge about it…

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As far as I know Alfresco Community Edition (LGPL v.3), LogicalDoc CE (LGPL v.2) and a whole bunch of DMS are Open Source :grinning: , if CentOS package is available, I’m not sure. But I have read both requires Java/TomCat bundles. :cold_sweat: I’ve just set both as an example as those are the ones which might have been popular in their fields.

I just want to add, feature such as Access Control and work-flow would be nice as well as OCR recognition.

Now now now, let’s not get carried away, I know we have limited resources…again, just thinking out loud that these would be nice to have. Its not in a hurry and no expectation.

Great day everyone and a nice weekend ahead!

Here we are:

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Thanks @alefattorini, I had not searched in the forum…just browsed if DMS is included in NS features/modules. Be forwarned though, I have tested Alfresco Share (5.0.d) in a virtual environment (not NS) and it seems a hungry beast, it needs atleast 2GB of RAM else the installation will not push through, but it seems to be one of the better DMS out there.

I find nothing about this feature…

I would like a page where to stop or restart one or more service(s)…

What do you think about a Plex Media Server module?

I know that Plex is for home use, a media server…
But, at the same time, more user can simply help Nethserver and the comunity to grow.

I’vealready seen discussion about Alfresco here.
This one seem greatly popular…

But it’s not the only one:

mightbe not the most awesome feature to have, but for sure a nice to have
it’s the possibilites to control cronjob from the webui

Could you please open new topics for such suggestions?

@sitz has suggested something similar in this post:

i’d search for cron :wink: not for task scheduler :stuck_out_tongue:

@alefattorini do you really think my suggestions deserves a new topic?

It would not be repetitive?

Correct @JOduMonT :smile:

done with nethserver-shellinabox

done with nethserver-crontab

I don’t understand, you have already a service page


That could be a nice enhancement

could be interesting also


To estart or stop services… That already done now :wink:

Well done @stephdl

You can tranquilly work on the disk managment feature now :smile: