A page for managing simple RAID arrays

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I would like to drill down and focus on the GUI aspect of this subject @giacomo can we dicuss about your idea?
Do you have something to show us? Please write down some ideas…
:smiley: I think @PParker could be a good tester


Thank you for the honor, i appreciate it, it means a lot to me :slight_smile:

I will give you what i have after careful thoughts… might be sometime tommorrow…btw I have beta tested for hacking groups before last one worked on the Nintendo Wii,coding on PowerPC… I do have some knowledge, I will do my best for you…

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I’d like to start with a very simple page where the user can review faulty hard disks, exclude them from the array and add new disks to replace them.
I have absolutely no idea how to design a more general web interface for RAID :smile:


Let’s go ahead with some mockup :smile: any expert in mockup field?

Agreed, keep it simple:

  • display UU status or display faulty disk(s)
  • remove faulty disk from array
  • attach new disk to array and initiate mirror build

Maybe a source of inspiration could be the HP ACU tool for managing RAIDs. (also i do not mind to see HP ACU integrated into NethServer :smile: The good thing is that is supports CentOS )

Best regards

This looks good, I went around that and used hardware array on my PowerEdge 2850, some users cannot do that, so we look at an adaptable software package that can do just that. Always use hardware if you can first, due to the load on the unit, software uses a higher load then hardware would. Also the user would need to attribute the extra memory requirement that is needed to run a software array, it does take away from the memory and the number of processes which the processor can handle at a given time.Which can cause the hardware to run slower at times, lets make that aware to the users that choose a software array over a hardware array.

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I guess the question here is what will be the percentage of the users who want to run NethServer on a virtualized platform vs on baremetal hw raid?

leave the topic open and chart your percentages,either way its best to create one incase users ask for it at a later date, we can always pop it in,and get it functioning.

Phil, Mark,
I agree, we should let this option open and see what the users will ask in time.
If I can be of some assistance let me know. Maybe the little bit of php skils that I have can contribute to the NS :smile:

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I am all ears into getting the model the way the community would like it, I want this distro to stand outside all others with special features and simplified packaging, monitoring, updating and it to be rock solid stable!


So many servers so many RAIDs , not every raid have utility under linux box , but for SOFT raid i Agree that we need managing page ! and raid monitoring #mdadm --monitor --scan -1 --mail=admin@aol.com

Monitoring is on by default.