Cron, Crontab Task Scheduler

(Jonathan Dumont) #1

I just want to pass the ajax cron of Owncloud to a cron system task and I was suprise to not find a feature to schedule a task or something to interact with Crontab.

sitz sound have some interest too

who else ? If you think it could be a nice to have, just like this post.

If you have any preference between those cron visual scheduler
you could also vote for one of those or propose another visual.




(Mark Edworthy) #2

I love the concept of a cron based task scheduler but would like to add a few ideas of my own:

  • Be able to include commands to control remote server (preferably using SSH)
  • Able to send any verbose output to a log file which then can be either stored on the server and / or sent to an e-mail recipient.

(Roberto Sitzia) #3

I would like to help users with low linux skills with preconfigured tasks/operations: templates.
Template 1: restart/shutdown
Template 2: copy/move/delete file/folder
Template 3: Some other useful task

I would like to help skilled users with an advanced field where they can digit them own commands, exactly what @JOduMonT have highlighted with the red rectangle.

I think this topic is perfect for managing cron operations through Web admin interface.

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

@stephdl is developing it there: