What do you think about good graphs monitoring tool?


I already said, I come from ClearOS, I’ve try this distro because it`s was my first distro of choice when I was managing to upgrade my router.

Before, installing my Microserver, I had a Ubiquity Edgerouter POE 5 ports… This router is an wonderfull routeur with linux based system named EdgeOS, a derivative a Vyatta, itself a derivative of Debian.

EdgeOS is not only powerful, it has a beautiful and intuitive interface, but further this has good graphics monitoring tools, like this:

ClearOs has a same king of tools:

Pfsense have such tool too:

Because one graph could be a good monitoring tool, I would love to have such graphs in Nethserver…

What do you think of such tools?

You already have them.
Just install collectd and one its web interface (collectd-web or collectd graph panel).
See: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/stable/statistics.html


yum install nethserver-cgp

@giacomo I have just installed collectd, will it start collecting data for automatically or do I have to configure something?

Collectd does not give me what I am looking for? It is a very basic output

What are you looking for?

Reports, Graphs, Hosts, Protocols, almost like ntopng… Have you seen the ClearOS report page…

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I was looking other stuff…
And SME Server have such tools

And openMediaVault too

Can we have some useful and well integrated graphs too? :smiley:

NethServer has lots of graphs.
You need to install collectd to collect data and cgp to visualize graphs.

Just to comapre network latency, here’s a screenshot:

Is not pretty enough.


I know @filippo_carletti there are graphs :smiley:
But they look like this:

it lack few polishment to look well integrated, at least

Got it. And I agree. Personally, I’m not good with aesthetics, but I’d like to work on better integration.

At Linuxschools we have Monitorix as a graphing tool for monitoring: http://www.monitorix.org/screenshots.html

I see the same graphics (i.e. generated from the same sw/libraries) just with different parals regarding formatting and used in differently styled pages :smile:

Continuing the discussion from NethServer v7-alpha2:

To celebrate this great news, and because it’s carnaval time here:

Enjoy :wink:

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For collectd…it’s done :smile:

Now, it’s time to give a pretty good look to ntopng :grin: