Let's talk about the Software Center


Actually the software Center is organized like this: Everything / Base System / Firewall / Language

And there’s things, like Owncloud wich is in Base System :confused:
Other things ( coovalichi, collectd, … that don’t appear ( must go by the CLI) :alien:

What do you thing to reorganized this Software Center?

I will suggest something like this:
Everything / Base System / Firewall / Tools / Applications / Language

Where in the Base system, only the base system :mask:
In Tools, stuff like Collectd, shellinabox, avahi. coovalichili, backup, UPS, Virtual Machine Manager…
In Application Owncloud, Sogo, Roundcube, File Server, Fax Server and so on…
Language as same as the actual form.

What do you think?

collectd is in software center as statistics.

It would have lied to me? :smiley: :smiley:

What do you mean?

If you didn’t understand, that’s mean that it was a bad joke.
Sorry. :anguished:

When I was asking for graphs tools in an other thread, @giacomo give this answer.
I had made install by CLI.

a quick and easy answer probably…rather than to do a lot of screenshots

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Eheh yes you could install it by webui but @giacomo prefers always the cli :wink: