What do you think about Discourse?

@zamboni we have to think about the mobile side, I agree with @davidep actual size fits very well
Please, keep on playing with it :wink:

sorry to bother you guys, but I disagree…

just take a look at this topic: on my laptop it’s a very (too) long page… if we just compare it with FB, we can se that there’s too much wasted space.


I could agree with you, but please consider white space is required on touch-enabled devices to scroll the page. If controls are too close it’s easy to push a button instead of scrolling.

And there are so many buttons :unamused:

With great power there must also come great buttons :wink:


let’s take a look at this screen shot:

about mobile/touch devices: this tool is totally css driven and should be aware of screen’s capabilities… so I can’t see the issue here…

@alefattorini did you change something? Now I see the grey stripes in the single post view, too. I like it!

I’m trying NethServer gray
Good to know that you like it, I agree with @zamboni less white might be better.

I’m agree with StefanoZ about work tools and readibility but new generations use this kind of tools with this design and we must accept them. Right or not things are so made.
What we can do is try to find the best design possible but without going crazy.

Just a tip: do you remember old continuos paper for old dot matrix printers? The paper had rows of the same color but in different tone from odd to even. This was made for an easier read.
Is it possibile something like above but in a modern way?

Thin gray stripes introduced are good, I like them.

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Hi to everybody and excuse me for the delay.

This is my first post and at the moment this topic is which cought my attention…

Me too agree with @AbsyntH, the first impact with discourse is a bit confusing. I understand that is a new tool that aim to mix the social fenomenal with the tecnical forum (that most of us finds useful to resolve problem), but I think is a little bit pushed to social network approach. Particularly the initial home… I thing it should be most friendly if instead of Latest topic it should present che Category view… like this.

Do Discurse permit this?

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I agree with you… such a page is better IMO…
@alefattorini: is it feasible?

Yes, it does. But for now I’d like have more feedback about his. If
you think about this like a “Facebook Group” or “Twitter stream” or
a Mailing list too, it’s the same. Don’t you think?

I can’t figure what the problem is, why here it’s confusing :slight_smile:

Take a look at this examples, they are used for work and not for play :wink:






I think that a “streaming” format like Twitter or Facebook could be ok if every single post aren’t categorized except for his typology (example, link, photo, video…). In this case the “Latest” view meets what the user expect from this social network.

In a tecnical forum (or community) where the contribution are non categorized by typology but by argument, the “Latest” view (in my opinion) seems to be a little bit messy. Viewing directly the category of the argument on which is organized the community, a new user could understand which are the topic and could be attracted (and drived) directly on his favorite ones.

For me however isn’t a priority problem… I’ve just found my favorite view :smiley:


Hi all, thanks @alefattorini for kindly handing me the invitation.

I like Discourse, I first met the platform when started using Hugo (a static web generator made in Go) and so far it has been a smooth sailing:

  1. The platform has a clean interface and I believe is well structured, in a way it stays out of your way;
  2. It lets you easily find the topics you care about;
  3. Be social the good way: by encouraging people sharing same interests to gather together and keep in touch.

I also find Discourse a good blend between a social network (without being overly ‘social’) and a classic forum system.

Kudos for the election guys!


Just for complete my opinion, just not to seems critical about Discourse, now that I’m get in touch with its functionality in this topic, me too I found it well done for the editor, the notification system, the like and reply options

(pretty good the quote functionality).

root@local# echo "Also like the code format"

So for it could be an interesting platform for growing this community…
(after making the category view the main one :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Thanks guys, glad to see your feelings :wink: and I’m showing you above another option: “double quote”!
Listen me, it’s just a matter of time.

@etino I’m working for you:

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I think it would be good the first times, because it gives an idea of what one can find in the website.

On the other hand, I’ve found the “latest” view more useful for daily work, once I gained some confidence with Discourse.


For me it’s pretty much intuitive, it seems very much mobile device optimized. Will test from mobile while travelling home (no, I won’t drive at the same time, public transport :slight_smile: )

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tested, perfect on a 8 inch tablet. :smile:

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I think that discourse make it easier to post than the mailing list, we have more post here than on the ML, even if there are still less people.
And there are emoji :mushroom:


That’s the killer feature :+1: