This kind of things make professional users think that this is a place for children

Theses badges are only to see if the gui is an occasional visitor, a regular visitor, or active in the community. No more.

As you do, you can tottally ignore this side, this will not change your perception of the community.

Perhaps is the landing page that give you this feeling… A toy at the place of a tool.
What do you think about the “categorized” landing page? ( when you arrive in Discouse, click on “categories” between “top” and “bookmarks”)
Did you think it’s more serious?

I never see landing page…

I just come to and I’m in…
exactly what I do in any forum I’m subscribed in… think about users that don’t want whistles and bells, just the content…
landing page is fine, but if I (generally speaking) search for help, I will see it just one time…
moreover, an user can find any contents here indicized from google… so, for example, it won’t never see landing page…

I (generally speaking) use (or want to) NS for money, not for fun… if I want to have fun with NS’ guys, I just write a joke on FB’s page…

if you were a long time forum user you can understand what kind of poster you have in fornt of you just after 3/4 posts… how he writes, how he makes questions or give answers, the way he arguments the question he’s posting…
no need for badges… see mines… (BTW, I haven’t ever seen them myself)… what do you guess from my profile?
and often, quantity has nothing to do with quality… you can be here almost all the days of your life but just be here to beg for features or just to ask or read (i.e. lurking)
or you can post 120 times in a week, posting just useless junk…

Whith your avatar… You are a bad guy :grin:

I’m agree about quantity and quality… But think about what make the difference: The difference is when you receive likes or not.
When you post a lot and receive likes…it’s ok. You contribute with a certain feedback about quality :smiley:
If you post a lot, and receive nothing… Perhaps you cam be a flooder :smirk:

sure… but likes and other kind of stuff can be not realistic…

this is the first forum (and the forum term itself is not correct here) I’m subscribed in that has badges, likes… exactly like on FB…

I’ve been a subscriber of smoothwall, proxmox, pfsense, m0n0wall, centos (italy) and centos official forums… forums are for support… there are indeed many of them related to funny things or something that is related to free time (sports, music, movies…)
I can say that this is (should be) strictly related to “work”, job… people come here not to laugh, but to solve their problems or give help…

I feel inclined to say, this forum is too much like facebook, I don’t have time for facebook.
Also, this forum software is time consuming and frustrating to use, it doesn’t work like any other web page I deal with, it’s so time consuming to work with the forum that… I don’t bother, like facebook, I don’t have time.

I want to see what going on, I want to try to help, but it’s just a time sink and so I come for a few minutes, try to see if there’s anything worth engaging with, and go back to productive things.

Which really sucks because I want to work with the distro for the same reasons, it appears, Stefano does.

I am no discourse professional, but maybe it is possible to use the categories list and mark some categories as ‘not wanted’ in your own profile?
@alefattorini is such a setting possible? So the members can choose themselves if they wish to not see the ‘chat’ and the ‘community’ categories of the forum.
To @zamboni and @fasttech I would advise to create a shortcut to the categories view. It will probably give a more ‘forum like’ feeling than the default landingpage that is currently used.

You can mute categories on your profile or use the categories view as you correctly suggested

This things are already in another topic
Continuing the discussion from What do you think about Discourse?:

I would suggest to simplify the top menu:

without “top” and without “all categories” which are already in the hamberguer menu

I don’t like splitting the world into categories.

I talk seriously to my daughters at home, and like joking with my colleagues, at work. It’s always me :smile:

I want to point out that our community is not a social network, like FB or G+, because of a “like” button. The product here are not people. The product here is NethServer and our goal is building a great server distribution.

Discourse is a powerful tool. I remember the time of Google Groups and Facebook for our project. It was less than one year ago, but it’s one light-year far away!

@alefattorini keep up the good work!


It for this reason that I made the suggestion:
To clear the upper menu and let people to choose why they want. ( latest / categories )
All the rest is in the hamburger menu.

I like our forum as is, but I understand too @stephano who would like a traditional categorized view
This way, everybody can be hapy.

I don’t know your daugthers, @davidep, but mine must arrange her bedroom each day otherelse the bedroom look like a battle camp with dolls and other toys litter at every corner :smiley:

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Just to continue the reply from @alefattorini.
@zamboni, If you want professional, then by all means go ahead and buy the enterprise licence of NS.
Then you will receive the “professional” information from professional people inside NS team.

And just to mention, it seems that you have not used the rest of the “Professional” comunities, where … guess what… you have the “agree” and “disagree” buttons on a topic/reply… (the phrase “Was this usefull ?” rings a bell? )

If you do not like Discourse… don’t use it . If you do not like FB… don’t use it. I do not like FB and don’t use it.
This is a comunity… not a KB… know the difference


Hi guys

as I told to @alefattorini some days ago I still want to contribute to this community and to improve NethServer but when I log on Discourse I immediately get distracted.
I mean: I find the time (after my family, job etc.) to give my contribution, maybe a support an howto or whatever is useful but I start to read tons of speech that exhaust my time so at the end I have done nothing than reading.

Don’t misunderstand me, reading many of these speechs have permitted me to learn a lot but I haven’t been productive as I wanted to be.

The born of the wiki is a good thing but it’s just a little step forward.

I’m agree with you @davidep but I prefer the principle of “Communicating Vessels” or if you prefer different rooms of the same house.

@zamboni I can understand your point of view about badges, likes, FB styles and so on but many people need to warm up themselves before they were actively part of the community and these “tools” are pretty useful IMHO.

Now I go to bed, it’s late, I have spent all my available time to write this post instead of learning Perl and PHP, I will do it tomorrow.

Good fight! Good night!


Can I “like” the above post by @sitz a thousand times?

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@fasttech Then we need to add a bigger “+” next to the Like :slight_smile:


There are two kinds of discussion here, in community:

  • strictly technical: new features, developments, support requests
  • more generic: about community, collaboration, cooperation, team, people. use cases, story, tools, reviews.

Both are useful and both are full of ironic posts, jokes, pics, etc. It eases up the tone of the community a bit, you know, we haven’t to be serious all the time. We like [cows in the shell][1] and we like to have fun because we’re people, not robot.
Don’t you like it? Ignore, mute, whatever.

Please don’t judge useless or useful post or discussion, this kind of sentences is risky and scares people. Nobody can judge if a post is useful or useless, nobody. Every post is useful and rightful because comes from people and people deserves respect.

Remind, 100% of NethServer users are people, 100% of community members are people
100% of NethServer contributors are people.
If you don’t understand people you don’t understand business, and you don’t understand NethServer


good suggestion… is there any other way to follow this distro outside discourse? :smile:

why? I never bought “professional” version of any OOSS product I used since now… I always foud “professional like” support in the right forums

well, if you take a look at, example, proxmox’s forums, you can’t say it’s not “professional”

never used such a feature, neither on any kind of commercial site support (HP,M$ or other)

no problem at all with such kind of categorization, but, if you take a deep look, the second is predominant on the first one…

sounds like “If you create a system that any idiot can use, then only idiots will find it useful.” (Cit. from Murphy’s laws corollaries)

maybe, you’re right, good suggestion…

anyway, reading some posts in this topic, I’m not the only one that is saying that something is wrong here.

finally, is there any way to unsubscribe?

never thought so… I’m referring to the (too) high noise/signal ratio, that’s all

This discussion is beginning to be like the ones you say , time consuming and distracting…

To make my point (I highlight that it is my point).

  • Nobody is forced here.
  • keep a clean discussion
  • stop with the negative attitude.
  • You say that users should involve more and not beg or nagg. Well you do this nagging in the most posts.
  • The fact that this is a community means that there is no need to shift our goals towards a single users needs
  • I do not care if you did or not buy the professional support/licence for your software. But then do not brag about the business that you do… sound like leeching and it’s not quite fair.
  • Make positive assertions and suggestions. Negative ones will only close the subject.
  • Always think that your point of view is probably different than the others and try to find common ground without affecting others!
  • Stop patronising others
  • There are no “Hard rules” because of the need to let users feel comfortable.
  • The warm attitude on the forums/discourse can be pleasant and inspiring than the hard rigid “bot like” replies.
  • NS Community is build on friendship and kindness. Not on money and greed. If you need that look/feel, by all means you can find other communities that suit your demands.
  • The jerk-knee attitude will not be productive and we have seen the results of such attitude in the other dev communities, where people just leave because of the attitude there, even if they were professionals and senior developers.
  • You can follow up on NS development on Distrowatch and on NS Blog if you want to just keep tabs on what is new.

Try to understand that near-border-line rudeness is not an excuse to make your point valid.

  • If you did not use the features on one platform or another that does not mean I did not use them and maybe i found them usefull

Best regards
PS: Try to keep the professional attitude.


thank you for your observations, I’ll keep them in mind :wink: