Weekly welcome to new members - 25 Jul 16

Sometimes it works as you expect :wink:

I have not tried it yet. I am installing it on a virtual machine. I’m quite slowly because I do in my spare time, which is pretty lame. Besides, I’m a man of strong emotions, so I’ve gone straight to version 7 beta1.:sweat_smile:

In my view SMEs, especially those with fewer than 20 employees, they need IT solutions that have a low cost and high performance. But they lose the opportunity to make it a competitive advantage.

I’m happy to help!


Hello All…time to introduce myself as well.

My names’s Charles and I’m from Canada eh. Been using Linux off and on from 2008. You would think this would make me very experienced but I’m far from it but willing to learn and I’m learning something new everyday. :wink:

I’ve been supporting our small family business from an IT perspective for the past 8 years in my spare time. Learned a lot in that time but the cobbled together systems we have in place is never exactly what I wanted for a finished system…but they work.

  • Where possible we use virtual machines (Proxmox) for our entire list of services. But our security gateway is a physical server.
  • We use Untangle as our security gateway (physical box - DHCP, DNS, Firewall, Intrusion Protection, Web Filter).
  • We have an old Zentyal virtual machine which is only used as our PDC (no AD of course).
  • We have a newer ClearOS virtual machine server running our Zarafa Mail.
  • We have ownCloud to serve up online (local lan only) PDF documents for our standard operating procedures.

Everything works fine…but it feels fractured. And there are pieces missing that I want to either upgrade or install.

  • Zarafa has a chat client feature within WebApp. Would love to be able to drop in a ejabberd server and get chat working.
  • Zentyal at one time looked promising but recent events within their community (the direction they took on features and their forums) has kept me away from doing anything more with Zentyal and upgrading it. I really need to replace it and install a new PDC.
  • I don’t want to keep my DHCP and DNS servers on our physical Untangle box.
  • With the turmoil in the ownCloud community, Nextcloud is looking much more promising for us. Would like to replace our ownCloud with Nextcloud.

ClearOS is a very good suite but I see that Nethserver has similar features (and more) that would greatly benefit our little company. And to be honest, I’m blown away by the community forums. I’ve never seen such a happy and helpful group of individuals who are very responsive to any level of experience from the community. I haven’t installed Nethserver (yet) but just reading the forums is convincing me to take Nethserver for a spin and see if it can be a replacement for most of my fractured systems.

I’m very happy with Zarafa since we just implemented it last summer. So I’m very hesitant to move away (and transfer all that mail) to a new mail server. I’m not even sure how I would start to move off of Zarafa to Netserver mail. :slight_smile: So at this point in time I think I will need to keep my ClearOS server if only for our Zarafa mail.

But I think I’ll go ahead and install Nethserver and take it for a spin:

  • Not sure how to setup Nethserver behind our Untangle gateway yet…I’ll need to read up more on that point.
  • Nethserver looks like it will do fine as our PDC replacement. Would love to use Samba4 one day and have a full Linux AD in place…one day (and I see that Nethserver 7 will give me what I need).
  • Nethserver would do fine as a DHCP/DNS replacement for our Untangle box.
  • I’ll have to investigate on how to install Nextcloud on Nethserver. Since you have ownCloud module perhaps a Nextcloud module will follow?
  • Another point with Nextcloud is it’s version control feature for documents (checkin/checkout) which was missing from ownCloud (it was available as a plugin module instead I believe).
  • I’ll have to try out the Nethserver ejabberd server and see if I can get it connected to our Zarafa WebApp chat widget.

Lots to try out but since this is my part time (fun) job my time is limited. But if things work out for me and my Nethserver testing I will definitely stick around and do my best to help out!

Thanks for listening to my loooong post.


We’re working on FreePBX + Asterisk for NethServer, are you willing you to help us?

Looks nice but unfortunately, I don’t see any rpm for CentOS :frowning:

Lately, I made some tests with Mattermost looks very promising. @alep has tested a chat app on NetxtCloud as well.
Let’s open a new topic so we can go further!

Happy to hear that! This comparison rocks! :ok_hand:

I’d like to see how that goes, please keep me posted!

Indeed, NethServer is a good fit for SMEs

Awesome! I love this. We have many guys here experts on ClearOS - Zentyal - Untangle - Zarafa
they will be more than happy to help you with your experiments :slight_smile:
@robb @mark_nl @bwdjames @Jim @Asrix


I see you made a comment about adding FreePBX + asterix, I’d be interested in testing if I can help in any way. What hardware would be needed for such a test?

You should reply to this topic
I think You can test it on a standard NethServer hardware.

I didn’t know if it required certain telephony cards, I looked into doing something with asterix years ago and to do what I was wanting required a pretty expensive card for phone services. A standard modem card wouldn’t work.

Hey Fred it me Earnest; I would like to become good friends whit you on this Turtl project. Ok quest can you send me your most up to date out line how how you installed turtl server on debain Please… I had issue installing last mouth and but did not have time to get with you on it. So this time I will be installing it over the weekend and I will get back with you on this. linuxmaster01@gmail.com is my email and I look forward to working with you on this one I get it installed. Earnest L Redwood and I thank you for all that you do here in the from for guy like me who just want to learn Linux.

Oh by the way my name is Earnest L Redwood: I am a Linux Sysadmin and I love it. I am happy to be here. I am excited about this form. All I ever wanted was help, no I don’t know everything so do talk to me like I should. Or the really big one for me is, a person that has more time with Linux trying to make me feel stupid, I not felling that here I can truly feel the love. So I am looking forward to working here. Right now I just want to self-hosts a Turtl server, that is how I landed here. But I look forward working with you all. My name is Earnest Redwood and I approve this message…

Ehi Earner,
we are here to learn Linux together :slight_smile: so you are welcome. If you make any progress with Turtle, let us know