Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 14 on NethServer 7

Hi all!

We are working very proudly to have Asterisk 13 and FreePBX 14 on NethServer 7!

They are useful to turn your NethServer 7 into a phone switchboard!

What is Asterisk?
Asterisk is a free and open source framework for building communications applications and is sponsored by Digium ( ).

What is FreePBX?
FreePBX is a web-based open source GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages Asterisk (PBX), an open source communication server ( ).

What are we doing?
We have started from Sangoma’s packages built for the FreePBX distro ( ) to avoid unnecessary work and to get upstream.
The Asterisk related packages are fully usable as they come from the distro, but the FreePBX package needs some improvements to fix the installation process as it actually uses a php installer that is not very “smart” (the rpm does not keep track of its own files!).

All Asterisk related packages are already available on testing repository, see

Finally, our target is to have:

  • a freepbx package that is the one coming from Sangoma’s distribution with some fixes for the installation process,
  • a nethserver-freepbx package that contains all templates and configuration needed to run and use FreePBX without any additional work.

All contributions are welcome!


That’s a terrific news :clap: :clap: :clap:
I think that some of these great people would be interested: @lorentedford @Shadowfire @Adam @advcorp @petralemoisson @clinton @chrisg @Nas @compsos
Eager to get your thoughts!


Omg… this is the day i have bn waiting for.

Thank you Alessio…


Many Thanks,

Clinton bester


I’m proud of your work. Really Asterisk will call the world!
But please dig into config in order to prevent security breaches.


@jobezic @Stll0 how can we contribute?

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be ready for a lot of testing, first packages will be out soon


A Little Update

As you can see from the following url, we have suggested to Sangoma to change their approach in making their rpms packages for FreePBX, but they persist in thinking that it is good due to their upgrades and modules architecture.
So, our approach will be to avoid big changes to their FreePBX rpm as much as possible in order to keep the same direction and reduce the work, just little fixes.


Im sorry i havent been very active on the chats and other activites.

Please let me know if there is any assistance I can assist or help with.

I havent really played played with freepbx 14 yet, I have almost 56 deployments out in the field still on Freepbx 13. But @Nas you very correct. Asterisk and FreePBX do have numerous security breaches, and loops.


Clinton Bester


Hi all,
we have just released nethserver-freepbx on testing repos :muscle:

Step to install:

  • Enable centos-scl repo:
    yum install -y centos-release-scl

  • Clean yum cache:
    yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing clean all

  • Install from testing:
    yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-freepbx

  • That’s all

Browse: https://your_server/freepbx

Feedback and bugs are welcome :smiley:


Hello @edoardo_spadoni , :sparkles:This is wonderful,:sparkles: NO time has been spared, its currently downloading and I will gladly give you feed back by Sunday.

:heart_eyes: :gift::tada:



Wow this looks awesome ! Looking forward to test it !

Please help.

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It seems like your local service providers cache has not synced yet. I had the same issue with mine. Our local cache is maintained by tenet in South africa. But i got them to do a forced update, It seems that none of your local caches have updated yet.
Give it about 24 to 48 hours to update.



Thanks for the feedback. I will give a try this weekend.

Idont want to brag or anything. Sorry, but except for the freepbx still in beta and alot of the features of the usual freepbx are still missing. Not Nethservers fault. Its looking good.

Only one thing @jobezic that I have found.
amportal when i run comands periodically brings bring up an error of using php 5.4.1. And it requires a minimum of 5.6. Im just trying to replicate and get a screen shot. I will send it through later

So far 20 extensions 1 sip trunk 1 iax interbranch link to an exsisting box and a fax link to my offices hylafaxsystem proudly running on Nethserver. And only one problem… It still wont make my cup of coffee… otherwise its looking really good


You have to install FreePBX modules from “modules admin” page.

PHP version used by apply changes should be already fixed, isn’t it @edoardo_spadoni? Which command give you thhis error?

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Try to run your amportal or fwconsole inside the scl environment:

/usr/bin/scl enable rh-php56 'amportal'

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Just noticed you’re working hard with FreePBX guys :slight_smile:


@lorentedford @Shadowfire @Adam @advcorp @chrisg @Nas @compsos are you interested to help us out with Asterisk and FreePBX? New rpms are ready!


Thanks @Stll0 Im feeling a bit dumb right now. It seems thevsouth african cache had not pulled everything. Or maybe its just me. Im not seeing the usual, ivrs or conference rooms, im still in freepbx 12.
Regarding the error, I will send a screen shot and the full commands sent.