Weekly welcome to new members - 21 Nov 16

Happy new week NethServer folks! :blush:
do you know that NethServer RC2 is already shipped and our newsletter is OUT too?

Don’t worry, you have all the time to keep updated with all those news and download the new release! After that please give us your feedback :kissing_cat:

Well, do you know what’s happening here? Every Monday we welcome our new blood asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.
Please, feel safe, comment below and tell us:

  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer?

And if you’ve been here for a while @welcome_commitee , please comment below and welcome our new members, and help them out with their questions
Please help me give a very warm welcome to…

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Welcome all. I see we again have a large spread all over the globe with new members. If you want to have a great start of your NethServer career, have a look at our welcome to NethServer topic.
Please introduce yourselves. I would love to hear what you are at, and why you came to NethServer community.


Hi, thanks for your welcome!
I work as a sysadmin in a small company, we manage our clients’ network and servers.
I’ve heard abouth nethserver for a collaborator of ours, and after an year on using it on our network I have to say that it’s an amazing experience!
We use it mainly as a firewall, it’s incredibly simple and reliable!
The only “difficulties”, as in there isn’t a module for these things, are creating a WiFi network and bridging on a lan and a ddns service. But I managed to make them work manually.

Have a good day!


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Maybe we should reconsider introducing a Captive Portal using a Radius service for wifi clients.

That’s too much for my needs :grinning:
I’ve installed and configured hostapd for the WiFi interface, bridged with the “green” network and made the service hostapd start at startup.

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