How can I install ddns?

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Wellcome all, Excellent @Cloud21 There is a ddns module for nethserver:

What version of NethServer are you using?

I’m using 7.2.1511 (rc2).
I’ll search for the ddns module now, thanks.

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You can add the manual repository from the terminal.

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added modifying




but it doesn’t show in the software center.

I’ve tried the procedure in the topic, but when I do

yum --enablerepo=dz00te install nethserver-ddclient

it says

No package nethserver-ddclient available.

But I’ll write in the specific topic.

Hi, Marco. You can use the stephdl repo. For details see:

It won’t be shown in software center but from command line.

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Thx @dnutan but: Error getting repository data for stephdl, repository not found
in NS 7 rc2

Let’s wait for it to be available in NS 7 RC2 @Cloud21

Haven’t tried, but the package is available for NS6 and NS7. Did you installed the stephdl repository ?

yum install


yum install nethserver-ddclient --enablerepo=stephdl
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this worked


Thx Bro bad copy the repo

all related documentations to the modules are there :

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@stephdl Yes, my mistake. I had two ssh terminals of NS 6.8 and 7RC2 and inverted the repos