Webtop5 and schedule resources (not people)

I am a WebTop N00b. Totally.

Therefore, please please please (with postifx on top), be kind and do not whip me with an ethernet cable because i’m asking. :slight_smile:
Is there a built-in (or pluggable) feature for schedule/assign “resources” just like meeting rooms, tools, services (to book in advance) in WebTop?
I am aware that most of resources should have a “proper” user/mailbox for correctly build a calendar…

I don’t think Webtop has such a feature, but for mail you can use quotas.

@webtop_team any hints?

:sweat: pretty useless for avoid quarrels into corridors just like “i want that room!” “no, i reserved it before and I need it far more than you”…

Without beer or popcorn for enjoy catfights.

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We do this regularly at our customers, just by creating specific calendars or calendar roots with specific names (meeting room1, show room milano, etc) and sharing them to the users witch specific rights (read only to viewers, write to mantainers). Sharing roots allows to subdivide the resource into contexts with different colors and names, that you can easily turn on an off in the view. For example, a show room with allocated appointments for agents, will have different event colors for different agents.

If you need a mailbox for this, nothing stops you to do it.

The advantage for specific calendars is that the manager for the resources can approve or refuse any reservation.

Is there any documentation for creating “Calendar roots”?

Specific resources management in calendars is something we’re probably going to introduce in the new roadmap, with specific features as you suggested.

At the moment “calendar roots” are actually fake users (“room1”,“car2”) that shares their own calendars to other users, read or write.

Up. The feature is still into roadmap?

@gabriele_bulfon or @lucag sorry to bug you directly… any news on this feature?

UP. Hoping some… info? Or … documentations.

@giacomo sorry to bug you.
Feature/howto requested at the end of 2017. Last answer from gabriele_bulfon dated beginning of 2018, and gabriele visited the community last time at march 2021.
October 2021 still not answer from Luca Gasparini.

Please… at least answer like “feature not into roadmap” or… “read that document”.
Or… not for OpenSource edition! I mean, this is quite sad but… it’s better than almost four years of radio silence.

I do not follow WebTop development closely, so I can give you an answer only based on the public tracker.
After searching a bit, I’ve found this one: [WT-728] Resource calendars - Issues

The issue is staled since 2 years, so I’d say the feature is not in roadmap.

@giacomo thanks anyway for your time, but still hard to understand why the thing is dragging so long…

Really glad to see @lucag still posting!
So… why not have at least a clear status of this feature?

As you can see, the issue is “To Plan”: it means that some other issues are considered more urgent than this. It will be planned and solved, but we can’t tell you a date. I will check it with Gabriele and Matteo when they will be back from holidays.


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@federico.ballarini please, don’t avoid to put the “juicy data”…
after more than two years after the question and still untouched from more than two years…

I said before, that it means that some other issues are considered more urgent than this.