Feature Request - Webtop > Filter > Rules > Preform these actions - Add new type "Auto Reply the message with response"

The use case is to give fixability to auto respond with different message for different days of the week (via header condition). But there would be many other use cases.

The existing “Reject the message with response” just needs to be duplicated and a change in wording to remove “Rejected:” for the subject and the sender would need to be the user instead of “Mail Delivery Subsystem” The user then can add Auto Reply: as part of the message if they like to.

Anyone have any comments ?

Let’s see what @lucag thinks about it!

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Tell me about it, five years later.

Hi Mark,
the creation of rules for incoming mail filters made on WebTop reflects the possibilities made available by the Sieve server on the mail server side.

I don’t think it is possible to generate this type of rules, actions and automatisms which are the responsibility of the mail server and not of the WebTop client.

I understand your need and I think the idea is interesting but currently I don’t see it easily feasible with current means.


Thanks Luca,

This setup can done from Outlook filters rules, but maybe Outlook does not use the Sieve server.

Hi Luca,
I can (barely, lack of knowledge on my side) understand the general line of what you’re telling.
However, Webtop is already processing messages, when receive some data from other mailboxes. This happens with calendar entries and… Message rules. I know, for the rules most is demanded to the MDA, Dovecot, and not the MTA,
And Webtop is already capable for submit for deliver messages, as email client, submitting them to the MTA which is postfix.
Also… some separate and independent engine is there… otherwise something like the calendar reminders won’t work.

So a mailrule is not able to trigger the submit of the message from Webtop to postfix? As Webtop is already doing as email client part for the supposed as workgroup application.

Hi, if you can find a way to do what you want within a sieve script, we will be more than happy to support it on WebTop interface.
At the moment I can’t see a way, though…

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If the question is dumb, i am dumber.
Webtop is processing calendar items via sieve?

Ok I think I got it.
rules cannot be anything different than sieve.

Surely Outlook (but also TB) doesn’t use a remote Sieve server for its filtering rules :wink:
and for this reason the filters are applied only with the client open and not on the server side.

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Thanks Luca,

I have my head around it now. Never played at all with Sieve beforehand.


  • RFC 5429 – Reject; allows messages to be rejected at either the [LMTP]/[SMTP] level or with an [MDN] or [DSN].

is an unsuitable Sieve expression to use and

  • RFC 5230 – Vacation; specifies an action to send a response informing the sender that the recipient may be away.

is the Sieve expression to use.

For those that are following here, there is a Thunderbird “Sieve” plugin that allows you to easy do expression building and shows available options. GitHub - thsmi/sieve: Sieve Script Editor

So the following Sieve expression does the job, but it would mean a bit of messing around with the “Automatic Responder” in Webtop to allow this flexibility from Webtop.

Luca do you think this feature has any merit, I would imagine you have lots of other feature requests which have merit ?

   require ["vacation", "variables"];
   if header :contains "Date" "Mon"{
       vacation :subject "Automatic response to: ${1}"
                "I'm away -- Monday message...";

elsif header :contains "Date" "Tue"{
  vacation :subject "Automatic response to: ${1}"
                "I'm away -- Tuesday message...";

elsif header :contains "Date" "Wed"{
  vacation :subject "Automatic response to: ${1}"
                "I'm away -- Wednesday message...";

PS - I think a work around is to use Thunderbird “Sieve” plugin and write to the email server your expression. I have not tested yet to find out how that might work with Webtop Sieve writes. I would except Weptop or Thunderbird would overwrite the Auto Responder (Vacation) which ever one has written last.

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Hi Mark,
it was enough to analyze the rules and actions that allow you to create Roundcube on the Sieve server to understand that what you requested seems to be possible :wink: :+1:

After a discussion with @gabriele_bulfon I opened this issue as a feature request: [WT-1203] - Jira

Thanks a lot for the suggestion