Suggestions to make Webtop mobile browser view more workable - Anyone else have some ideas?

Mail -
In new email form the “to”, “cc”, “bcc” can not be seen when adding another email address and the email address field and auto suggestion list is too small to be useful.

Mail -
Remove or allow to be reordered the email icons (as screen real-estate is so limited)

Mail -
If reading a email with lots of people the email was sent “to” or “cc” needs to have a way to scroll past these fields to see the email content

On which browser you’re having this experience that generates these hints?
Which resolution does the screen you’re using has?

Brave and Firefox on a Samsung Note 10+ different resolutions does not seem to make any difference. Text zooming in both browser or O/S does not seem to make any difference as well Webtop pages render the same.

Thanks for your experience, i hope that @lucag or @gabriele_bulfon will pick up your hints.
Some years ago i tried to find a way for managing the schedule of some company resources but still… no answer.