We need to change our behaviour here at NethServer Community

I’d like to know your opinion about a simple fact, over the last month around 180 members have logged in but only 77 are truly active, posting at least once. So just 1/3 of logged in members are used to post something.

My main goals are:

  • I want new members to feel immediately welcome, comfortable, and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.
  • I want everyone to feel like they have something valuable (and brilliant) to offer, regardless of how long they have been around the project.

Is there anything in this community which makes some people nervous about posting? Some of you told me they feel the need to craft a brilliantly worded post and you just don’t have the time or motivation. Others don’t feel that they’ve been worked on NethServer for long enough to add anything new to the conversation. Others aren’t comfortable because of the language problem.

I love that the level of discussion here is high and I don’t want to change that, but I don’t want it to be something that feels exclusive to the wider community. If we don’t hear all of the voices, how do we know what we don’t know?

What do we have to change from your point of view? How can we enable new members to jump directly into the discussion? Many of you already did it, like @delphir @amjsoft @kisaacs @lvicentini @mark_nl @craaaft @Furuvio @Sebastian @StreetGuru @hany @firsttiger

What have help you to change your behaviour here? What can we change to help you to become more involved into the community/project? More docs? More training? Some demo virtual machine to play with?

Plus, I know that there many expert lurkers here :slight_smile: like @apradoc @warren_midgley @transocean @Nexus @kg66 @T_C @ironsky they know pretty well our community (reading a lot of things!!) and I want to hear their voice!

Please I’d like to see as many people as possible involved in this discussion :slight_smile: let me know about your experience here!
You would help me to make this community better for everyone!

/cc Community team: @Jim, @robb, @vhinzsanchez


I didn’t have any problems here in the community (okay, except once, in the members introductions, when someone replied in a bad expressed answer :D) but for the most posts which I looked at were okay (no impolite behavior except the password post with the period in the password). My idea: a chat filter :D. It would be the easiest way. Another way is to add a fixed post to the main page which tells about chat-bans… I hope you can do something with this post :D. I’m trying to do my best while writing without using swearing words or without making someone feel unaccepted.

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I’m sorry about these impolite behavior sometimes they happen :frowning:
What do you mean with a chat filter? May you expand a bit?

I think an interesting project for many like me who do not have the necessary experience to start alone with the NS would be a list of “how-to” of simple examples, (configure a DHCP server, configure a DNS server, configure a Domain controller, configure a proxy server…). So save many beginner level questions, thus making the most productive lists discuções and oriented to more complex issues.



With the chat filter I mean like in the reply-editor, a script, which is censoring, or replacing the words and warn a writer about his choosed words.
The idea of @lvicentini could also be expanded: we could search one video recorder and a speaker to make documentaion videos alongside the original documentation and add them to a playlist.

I’m totally agree.with you @lvicentini

The actual doc, the Administrator Manual http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/ is GOOD, really.

But we need other type of doc, for other kind of public.
It’s not the first reflex to go to the Administrator Manual for a quick search.

We have a wiki, for this, and feel free to help us to fill it :wink:
The wiki is not old, and we really need help

One example very interesting is the session how-to of DD-WRT. It has several cook books as do various tasks and settings.

I like very much the idea, we have discussed it a lot in the past, now it’s time to do something real :wink: we should expand this list looking for some volunteers who can help with. @sitz is one of our experts of howtos for beginners

hello to everyone here!
not the content of postings keeps me from being more active in the community, the main problem is the lack of time. Many postings in this forum were a great help doing any configuration of my servers. many thanks for the great help to any active member here. like many others I switched from Zentyal to nethserver. the active community here was one of the main reasons for the change. the decision there to skip the all in one Server Concept forced me to move from zentyal. I promise to be more active in the future.

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I agree with @kg66 : This is REALLY the best community I’ve ever met. A friendly and well organized community. The most communities aren’t organized and they are write like in a chatroom (I luv u for example). :smiley: I had to say this :smiley: The most topics are showing me more interesting and hidden features of NS, which is very useful for while setting up some servers.

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A great author like Simon Sinek said once:

Ehi Kai,
Thanks for your words and for having answered to my call! If you have learned so much from the community please share your knowledge! We need you :wink: really! Every newcomer here needs you.

I agree with @kg66 and @mikabeckerich, to be honest, there’s a lot of community out there but only this community I subscribed. on my browser when i fire up, there is automatic tab that specifically open for NethServer Community so I can see every updates everyday. this community is very vibrant and easy to share your ideas. it’s been along time too I never posted here, this is because my company is in the middle of system deployment and migration. sorry guys :smile: in the near future I will become active again, but for now need to focus on my project :smile:

@alefattorini - hi mate, how are you :smile:

Cheers everyone!

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Hello everyone.

On the community, the biggest difference I saw, in this short time that I belong, is the concern to help solve problems, regardless of the type of problem, or member knowledge level. It really made me feel among friends. Thank you all.

However on the issue of research, also agree that it has a lot of information, but in my opinion of layperson, this information is very dispersed, I think if it possible to turn this into how-tos, in the future may prove to be even a book printed, or PDF for offline consultation. If it is possible to implement the videos, wonder, this would be a much bigger difference than all the other advantages that this community already has. @alefattorini I am a newcomer full of will, my English is poor, but I can help, I am available.

Hugs to all.


That’s a good habit man! I can feel your presence :ghost: replying sometimes doesn’t cost anything, let’s try!

Regarding this I want to extend a special thanks to all these people:

We have already something here, how can we improve @saikrishnavedaraju’s effort?

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I agree with @kg66, I come almost everyday to read the forum, and every time I know I’ve somethings to say but I haven’t any time :’( I try to find some, and contributing on NS but its hard with my job

Ehi @Crazyusb happy to see you still around, yes we’re always really busy and we had a hard time making time for NethServer or others project. My advice is

Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying “I don’t have time for _”, replace it with “ isn’t a priority right now.”

Disclosure: I stole it from this post:


My personal plan is to install an all-in-one to meet the needs of my small business. I need a domain controller configuration, and share files for local users, a external mail server with antivirus, proxy and web remote access, a web server with multiple domains (plan to use wordpress), a web proxy, set up a firewall secure, vpn server to remote users, vpn site-to-site, block of pages. This is my project, there is a training or how-tos to teach to set all these functions? If not there, I believe this scenario is to be an excellent case for how-tos.


The community is welcoming, but … the information is scattered and sometimes work every day and there is no time to offer solutions. I am currently working for a client, 2 times try and mount a nethserver gw 2 times damage when it started to set. Basically I was trying to mount a gw Internet with DMZ (firewall) and openvpn. Finally install pfSense and is already running smoothly.
Because not ask at this forum? because I had no time for someone to help me or tell where to look, sometimes solutions need to be fast.
I task remains after more tests with nethserver and learn to solve problems (networking is not intuitive in nethserver)

These situations are cruel… But I believe easily it’s true.

Myself,at work, I don’t successfully install Nethserver…
The firewall configuration was complex, and a blue vlan and green lan on the same interface was not working.
I don’t know if it was a vlan problem or a shorewall problem, I didn’t had opportunities and time to investigate, but the need of results fast… .So I had installed Pfsense.

Edit: I hope in the future I will able to switch, I think NS need more return of experiences to be more reliable.