1 year lurkers check in!

1 year feels like a lifetime ago since that amazing discussion!! :point_up: Several of you joined up and have been involved in the community. I’d love to hear how those are going for you. :kissing_heart:

I’m very curious to know where these guys are ending up.

@apradoc @warren_midgley @Nexus @kg66 @ironsky @delphir @amjsoft @kisaacs @lvicentini @mark_nl @craaaft @Furuvio @Sebastian @fred @hany @firsttiger @kuhn_michael @jitkian @Flint @Kolli_vasu @firsttiger @Walter_Schoenly @transocean @Alessandronuunes @bwdjames @MadOp @mikabeckerich @lvicentini @pelo

Where are you? Still interested in NethServer? Some challenges to share?


For me, I am still here and I respond to posts where possible.

Due to a change in position at work 8 months ago, I have ended up more busy than before. I just wish I could contribute more, the issue I have at the moment is the time factor.

Once I have a bit more free time, I will be migrating to the next version of Nethserver once it is released and I will then be doing a write up on the 99% automated IP blacklisting setup using IPSet (which I have been meaning to do for 9 months now and which has been improved on since the initial implementation as well - time has flown by so fast).

Considering how to also look at how to setup NethServer in an Amazon Web Services Auto-Scaling Group and doing a write- up for that.

Come to think of it - would an NethServer Amazon Web Services Amazon Machine Image be something people would be interested in and find useful and beneficial?


Hi Alessio,

i am also still here. After some tests with NS 7 RC3 and NS7 RC4 now I wait for the final version of NS7.




I’m also still here. Sometimes I’m scrolling through the posts and try to find something interesting.
I’m still active on Transifex (last login about 4 days ago).
I’m even trying to convice my parents to let me go to FOSDEM and I’m also trying to convince a classmate to accompagny me. :slight_smile:


Yeah, been testing and waiting for the final release of nethserver 7.
My most recent project is to try and get seafile working with nethserver - has anyone managed to do this correctly?
Seafile is an incredible tool and for me it works much better than nextcloud; also, it focus on what does best, which is syncing files. And it encrypts all files on the server by default. Latest version (v.6) also offers a new tool for windows called seadrive, which is an awesome feature!
I feel nextcloud and owncloud try to be many things and most of the other features of nextcloud overlap features already present in Nethserver or other packages (I use Sogo for contacts and calendar dav).
It would be a dream to have seafile included with nethserver. Alternatively, if anyone can share their installation procedure I would be most grateful.
Anyway, just wanted to take the chance and drop by to say hi. Life’s a bit busy right now and haven’t been able to keep track of the project as I would like but still here lurking.
Great work to all involved!


Hi Alessio,
My absence is more of the function of a new role since June of last year rather than a lack of interest regarding Nethserver! I’ve been swamped at work since my role change in June of last year leaving me with very little time to explore other forms of technology once I get home :frowning: I have installed Netserver 7 RC2 and using it as my primary gateway install at home. Beyond that, I haven’t had much time to explore more than that. Hope all is well with everyone!


@alefattorini, checking once in a while.

Not called but checking-in.


Sounds really good! It would be awesome to have something like that. @etino wrote this a long time ago

We do want to meet you man! Please make sure that happens!

Having a guide for that would be great, I guess that @Pascal_Michard @wombat77 @jackyes are happy to help

Sadly to hear this but at the same time happy for your new job :slight_smile:

Vhinz!!! We miss you! You have to convince your boss to set up some NethServer over there :slight_smile:


Thanks for that! That does about 50% of the work!

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@alefattorini, unfortunately not. They’re already bent on using Zimbra and pfSense. Have a go signal to upgrade Zimbra to Network Edition and now coordinating with a local partner here.

An upgrade of pfSense would entail us to go to a known commercial product like Sophos. Though I’ll try NS7 (again, in test environment :pensive:). But I go here once in a while though.


You made me very curious, which part of Zimbra is so awesome compared to NethServer?

I know I am not on the list, but I have to tell you that I am having some success using Nethserver. It is very easy to use after some effort. It is the best out there I believe. The problem is the lack of accurate startup guides. The ones available are useful but needed a lot of tweaking on my part to get the server running. I sincerely believe that Nethserver will get back on the Distro Watch top 100 and I mean higher up within the top 25 if it could be implemented quickly. My suggestion is to let people with little experience in servers try to get it up and running with the documentation available and tweak the documentation as needs fit. Remember time is of the essence, people want to run a business not babysit a grumpy server. This server is not grumpy but the quick start documentation is. Other then that. Excellent job putting this together.


First and the only thing I believe that the Management wants is familiarity. The system has been in-place here for over 5 years.

Secondly, because they said so :sweat_smile:. Tried selling them SOGo before (not the Webtop yet), as that is what I have tested with NethServer. Tried to convince them that I successfully had recovered from backup but has been instructed to look into Zimbra with backup and support. :pensive:

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Thanks for your words :slight_smile:

At Fosdem we have discussed our documentation with @davidep who has some ideas about, can you explain better your idea about “accurate startup guides”? Do you have some notes to share? Any example that can help us to improve existing docs?
We already let people tweak our documentation, feel free to edit our wiki or manuals.


I am still using Nethserver in our production environment.
Its functioning great.


Kolli!! Great to hear from you. How are you using NethServer? Which specific scenario?

Hello @alefattorini ,

Yes I am using NethServer, recently upgraded to version 7.

Thanks for community for providing cool features.

I use NethServer for below scenarios:

  1. Firewall
  2. Web Content filtering
  3. File Server

How many installations do you have? Personal use or business? I’m glad to know your achievements

One for my personal use and one at our company where I am working its a startup.

In total 2.


I was not available the last weeks, but I think next weeks are much better.
It’s a great community with you all. :relaxed:

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