Creating Getting Started HowTos

Continuing the discussion from We need to change our behaviour here at NethServer Community:

I love this proposal: create together simple howtos step-to-step for newcomers, focused on simple scenarios

Making a recap we can address these topics

I’m keen to hear what these guys think: @AbsyntH, @sitz, @Ctek, @stephdl, @WillZen, @Jim @lvicentini @dnutan


Love the idea…
I always said we must have doc for all kind of audience, from new linux sysadmin to high skilled devlopper…

Of course we should link them as reference into our howtos

We need few how to about vps installation and configuration with registrar dns conf for hosting site and hosting mail.

@all howto writers

Can you put your stuff in the wiki?
It will much more easier for the original howto maker to wotk with the wiki layout and verify information…

I don’t want just copy/paste…I’m afraid to make something wrong, or not actualized.

I guess it’s up to us move everything, many howto’s authors are pretty busy at the moment.
Last try with a direct mention: @etino @saikrishnavedaraju @enzoturri @lucag @Nas @AbsyntH @ironsky @nrauso @JOduMonT @marc_angio @islipfd19 @Wolfgang_Hofer @jgjimenezs @sitz @nethcman @Lincee @marceloeng

I do like docker example’s approach. Making the howto’s as detailed as possible. Not only show the ‘button course’ (what you need to do to install a server or module), but also explain what it is doing.


@alefattorini I had the impression that you were not a big fan of detailed How-to’s :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding.

I’d love to help but time is not on my side at the moment…

@alefattorini i’ll make time to join the work of the how-to



Although I love detailed howtos - like yours! :kissing_heart: - I believe that newcomers appreciate more short and effective howtos which go straight to the point

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Any other proposals for that kind of getting started howtos?