Veyon (formely iTALC)

Can you add Veyon?

Veyon is a free and open source software for computer monitoring and classroom management supporting Linux and Windows

It seems to be a desktop GUI program (and maybe some CLI version):

Do you have experience with it?

@Neustradamus it seems promising but I feel a gargantuan problem for integrate Veyon on NethServer: no GDPR statement for the software. Which is, due to it’s nature… a bit of concern to me.

Outside the educational environment, which seems to be a wonderful tool for speedup computer-assisted lessons, it can be easily turned into a remote control and monitoring tool for workstation/computer workplace. And this could be percepted as bad.
I think Veyon project should start to declare some useful information about data retention and management. Maybe it’s all already done into UCS (which also can integrate Veyon) but…

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GDPR is only for EU people, for other people, no problem?

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Garmin… US based company, operating in Europe.
These companies must comply GDPR. And maybe I’m wrong, at least one has been already fined.
Also, this law applies to every people which is in Europe not only European citizen, so hotel which receives an African or Asian person must comply with GDPR about it’s data.
Nethserver head development is in Italy, Stephan is French and most of the project customers and adopters are European, So compliance and GDPR statements are important for keep the project (and the product) interesting for people and companies.


Besides the need for European users of NethServer, even if you are US based and only have to deal with US customers or users, there is absolutely nothing wrong with respecting privacy of those customers and users.

Last OT about privacy: FTC is raising money from YT on a law called COPPA which talks about Privacy of childrens…

And this is quite wrong. The permission should be the default setting.
And the link you posted is about the website…

I think the veyon project should be held responsible for the legal issues. Besides legal issues, let’s focus on technical issues.
The biggest problem I see for veyon running on NethServer, is the lack of a DE on NethServer. Veyon depends on a DE and actualy is a desktop application, not a server application.
IMO, ideally veyon should evolve into a webbased application so it can run on a server.
Back in 2018 I did ask if veyon could evolve as a server application:

When I look at the veyon 5 roadmap, I still can’t figure out if veyon remains a desktop application…

Univention has already iTALC (old name) since a long time:

UCS implementation is nothing more than a shared folder where the veyon keys are stored, exclusively accessable by the veyon master user (teacher)
Veyon master still has to be installed in a (windows) client pc. Or did I mis something important in those UCS docs?
As long there is not a server based solution I have doubts it should become part of nethserver modules.
However, you are free to write a full install howto and create a nethserver module/rpm. We will support your effort with helping if you run into issues or have questions.