Trying to install Piwingo on NethServer

Hi everyone,

[Piwigo][1] [1]: seems to be interesting for those with a home network

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Yes it looks good but a web app can be installed easily on a nethserver if you use an Ibay. Moreover if you install the backup-data module, then mysqldb and the web folder will be saved. It seems that a web installer exists and the piwigo can handle easily updates. Except if the rpm builder brings a lot of customisations and specific settings, I’m not sure that a rpm is the good answer to the issue raised.

Indeed, I think that a detailed howto will be better than a rpm


Can point me an how-to?
I’m not a developer but I think I can try to learn how to use Ibay (and know what is it) :slight_smile:
My goal is to connect all the kids in the family but in a controlled environement (email, chat, photos, etc)

Install nethserver-httpd nethserver-mysql nethserver-ibays nethserver-samba
Create an ibay in the sharedfolder panel…allows samba and http. Put all the web app files trough samba into the ibay, valid permissions in the ibay panel and go to the http://ip/ibay-name.

Possibly you might need to create manually your mysql database either by the command line or by nethserver-phpmyadmin.

Of course it is not a howto, some generic instructions. In short terms concerning an ‘ibay’ it is simply a container for files that you can use for samba, ftp, http but maybe for other protocols in a near futur.

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Ok, I will try and post the results here
One more question

nethserver-sharedfolder is the package File server in the Software center, correct?

all rpm can be installed either by the software center or by the command line with yum

yum install nethserver-mysql nethserver-ibays nethserver-httpd nethserver-samba

Many thanks

I will post the result

Vale pregunta si tienes un problema

I have the packages installed.
I created the folder piwigo and set the owning user to “apache” in the command line.
Created the user “piwigouser” and the database “piwigodb” at mysql with the folowing commands without errors
create database piwigodb DEFAULT CHARACTER SET = ‘utf8’;
GRANT ALL ON piwigodb.* TO piwigouser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘centos’;
I used the folowing how-to

When I try do install I have the fllowing errors:
Warning: mysqli::mysqli() [mysqli.mysqli]: (28000/1045): Access denied for user ‘piwigouser’@‘localhost’ (using password: NO) in /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/piwigo/include/dblayer/ on line 67

Warning: mysqli::query() [mysqli.query]: Couldn’t fetch mysqli in /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/piwigo/include/dblayer/ on line 132

I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what



I was able to install after set a user password and restart mysql

I will post how I made the installation

Once installed you will need something as mandatory

check the box ‘Allow .htaccess and write permissions overrides’ in the Ibay panel

write a file ‘.htwritable’ with this specific content

[root@nethserver-dev piwigo]# cat /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/piwigo/.htwritable

This is needed to let to apache specific write and read permissions on these folders. If you don’t do it, when you will press the button ‘reset permissions’ in the Ibay panel, then your piwigo installation will have issues.

thanks to @davidep

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Some questions … I wonder where you installed piwigo

In an ibay
In /var/html

If i say that is because neth is designed to use an ibay, and so even for http. For example i will provide soon a module to adjust phpsetting into ibays with the possibility to chose which version of php, either by ibay or for the whole server.

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I installed in an ibay.

How can I access the ibay panel, I think this was my error

Use the the shared folder panel in the Management section, I worry that I don’t understand the question ?

Dumb question.

I realized now there are no ibay panel and you are talking about the file server.

I installed piwigo in a ibay folder created on the file server dashbord with the domain administrator as owner and no users in the ACL.
I was able to do the installation only after changing the owner to apache. I always had the permission error in the browser

I’m going to start the installation from the begining to try to find what I did wrong

Indeed ibay=sharedfolder

I believe if you follow my instructions concerning the .htwritable then piwigo could accept to finish the installation. In fact I think that the web app verify the folder permissions… I have had also some errors.

Maybe the ibay ownership could be improved or be more easier but it is hard to let apache owns all the ibay…security is something important.

Ok, now I was able to install. Not correctly configured the .htwritable
Is installed and I can upload, see and comment all the photos.

I can not update or add extensions (permitions errors).
I will try to see where the extension are installed

The folders are:

Is it enough add this folders to the .htwritable file or will be necessary to add all the sub-folders also

That folders need write permitions to install extensions.

Tryed to add the folders but without success.

Any ideas @stephdl ?

Can not delete photos already uploaded.