Split the Community category

Ehi guys,
we have a lot of generic discussions about NethServer in the #community category which main topics are: Discussion about this community, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Let me show some examples:

And a lot of comparisons!

I’d like to split them into a new category
Do you have any suggestion about the name?

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Just a longshot:
split them in

  • community help
  • community organization

Or something in that direction.

testimonials, or user-stories perhaps.


I like user-stories :heart_eyes:

I think it is important to split the technical stuff from the chit-chat (don’t get me wrong, chit-chat is at least as important as technical stuff!)


“User stories” goes in the right direction but it can be confused with the “user story” of Agile that is a method to collect requirements in software engineering.

Do you like experience?


Or practice


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I think the link to agile is a good one (and intended) … it will attract managers and heads of IT, and convince them they landed on the right spot. They will expect to read how a sysadmin benefitted from Nethserver based on that name, and based on the few links provided, that is what they will get :slight_smile:

Edit: User experience would work as well I guess, it points at the same direction but wont echo as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit2: If you want to avoid mixing terms and confusing people, perhaps ‘How I did it…’ would cover the same meaning.

Again, it’s used in the context of UI engineering and can be misleading.

User story: should I apply this category in a new feature request?

User experience: should apply this category to ask UI enhancements?

Yeah, should’ve known … you programmers always find 1001 exceptions to my common scenario’s … and usually you lot are right. I think you are completely right and retract the first two suggestions. The last might pass your test, but I’m not sure how well it would work …

So, forget what I wrote … my entry will be: “How I did it…”

(I work at a software company … the lead programmer kept telling me to check the basics the first year or so :stuck_out_tongue: … now, he regularly shoots holes in otherwise good plans … till you ask him to find a way to screw it over, and he readilly will every time :slight_smile: )


“Testimonals” is a good one: comparisons, migrations, praise fit all this category

@alefattorini I thought about the links you posted and tried to find out which themes we want to catch.
I think we discuss general things about nethserver. So we could have a category for general discussion about community and a category for general discussion about the product (nethserver).

What do you think about changing the header “community” to “general discussion” with two subitems “community” and “nethserver”

I think this is to special

For me it sounds good, but I can understand @davidep’s argument

That’s a good alternative indeed, on the other hand it would force me to change us things on the category structure. Be aware that Community has already a sub-category called “Welcome” for the welcoming posts

If we change it this way “Welcome” should be at the same level like “Community” and “Nethserver”

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Excuse me, don’t want to make you much more work.

I tried with testimonials with a tag called comparisons :slight_smile:
Other alternatives may be: use cases, scenarios

I don’t like generic or general, it’s tooo generic :slight_smile:

Edit: just moved some discussions