Nethserver is one truly amazing little server distro


I am really happy to have found Nethserver :slight_smile:
It made my life so much easier since i started using it.
Easy to use, has loads of features.
Currently i am using it in a small business environment.
Mostly as VM’s, but i also have it on real hardware, and i will be migrating to Nethserver on bare metal.
It is truly amazing :slight_smile:

Guys i just wanted to say thanks again for this “to-the-point” no huss no fuss distro :slight_smile:

I hope we can make it better and better :slight_smile:


Wow man! Thanks so much from the whole community :slight_smile:
Can I steal this sentence? Love that

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Haha :slight_smile: Sure thing, go ahead
i just made it up while writing the post


Hey man,
that’s a great post, thanks for it.

Yes we can! (Barack Obama)
We are Nethserver! (A really nice and true slogan I learned at community conference) :slight_smile:
So it’s our, we can all work for it. With your post you work a lot for it. Thanks again.


Yes we can :))
True story !

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