SOGO spamming logs (POST requests)

Hi everyone!

I have been dealing with this issue for a long time and could not figure out why it’s happening.

For some reason, the SOGO application is spamming the following line for every user every second:

Jun 25 20:42:17 sogod [2412]: <public_IP>, <reverse_proxy_IP> "POST /SOGo/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?User=<username>&DeviceId=<device_ID>&DeviceType=iPhone&Cmd=Sync HTTP/1.1" 200 0/65 0.944 - - 0 - 12

In terms of functionality, everything works as expected, however, it fills up the log file and in also increases the IO load of the host server. (NS7 is running on a proxmox cluster)
Restarting the service fixes it for a small amount of time but after a while, it starts spamming these logs again.
The configs are the following:
ActiveSync is enabled, also available from public address.
Num of workers: 10
Maximum time in second before to checks after changes: 60

I have read previously that the shared folder can be problematic because the iPhone (every user is an iOS device) tries to fetch that folder but it can’t for some reason maybe? Also in the webGUI, that shared folder is not accessible, it gives me the following error on the frontend:
"An error occured while communicating with the mail server"

In the SOGO logs, I can see the following:

Jun 25 21:07:57 sogod [6718]: [ERROR] <0x0x5599c768dac0[NGImap4Connection]> could not select URL: imap://<username>%40<domain>@localhost/Public/?tls=NO&tlsVerifyMode=default: {RawResponse = "{ResponseResult = {description = \" Permission denied (0.001 + 0.001 secs).\"; flag = NOPERM; result = no; tagId = 9; }; }"; access = NOPERM; reason = " Permission denied (0.001 + 0.001 secs)."; result = 0; }

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

Thank you in advance!

There were similar cases in the past but don’t know if they apply:

Modifying the permissions of the Public folder seemed to help partially, changed it yesterday evening and since then only 1 user’s POST requests are spamming the logs and no longer getting errors on opening the shared folder (even tho I have never used it), so I consider it a win. :smiley:
Thank you for the links!

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Well, one more user is spamming the logs, so the problem is still there somewhere. :frowning: