So, what are you working on? - 8 Jan 18

We’re here again super NethServer community! :sunny:
Here to kick off again a new week! As always, together :family_man_woman_boys:
Do you feel alone as IT professional? Do you need help? Please, share your doubts, we’re here to help.

This week I’m working

  • on a new article for based on our last talk at Open Source Summit in Prague. An editor asked me to write down something :slight_smile: I hope to roll out the first article this week. I’ll keep you posted

  • I’m starting to put together and add to this post a curated weekly “newsletter”. The contents will include:

  • Links to a few of the best discussions from the past week.

  • Things happened the last week

Let’s give it a try :slight_smile:

Some good news from the past week

Best discussions from the past week

Welcome to our new members

NOW as always, let me give a big warm welcome to our new members from the past two weeks! :hand_splayed: :hand_splayed: :hand_splayed:
Make yourselves at home and consider this your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer and sysadmin’s life. Remind that this is an incredible, supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other.

Ehi folks, what are you working on?

Tagging here also @fausp @alfred @stephdl @pasing @alexcsilva @pa3hfj @rolf @sharpec @Hunv what’s on your plate this week?


well, good December month for coding, I wish to continue like this.

Coming (soon)

Coming a bit less soon

workable but with all changes done we need to test and review it… I love it


Amazing effort @stephdl! (as always… :smiley: )

And from Belgium also a very warm welcome to our new members. Come on! Don’t be shy. Tell us who you are and share your experiences and expectations of NethServer. We all will do our very best to help you. (then you can start helping the new members of next month…:muscle: :clap: )


I will push my app to the final version.
It is already in the AppStores but currently only for Hamburg. Berlin follows the next days and more cities will follow after that.
For some German guys that may be interesting:
Windows/Windows Mobile:

But currently nothing that is Nethserver related. Maybe in some weeks I will try .Net Core on CentOS, so I can run my server implementation on Nethserver :smiley:


Sneak peek on what I’m working on.


Hi @alefattorini thanks for the warm welcome. I followed you here from where you and I have helped each other with various discourse improvement and related topics for a while now. I am curious about just this “so what are you working on” regular topic and wanting to learn more about it as I am considering implementing it in my own community for a human rights network at It looks like I have alot I can learn from your stellar example. :seedling:

To be honest, I don’t use nethserver at all and am not even familiar with it. But I will hang out here from time to time and will learn something to be sure. Maybe I will be converted. :wink: Thanks for being such a welcoming place!

@Hunv Servus! I am German. Live on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle on the west coast of USA but visit my family in Germany every summer, mostly in Berlin but also around Bonn and Nuremberg. This summer I plan a trip to the south of France and Italy as well which I really look forward to.


Happy to see you here man, glad to know that my post on meta caught your attention
As community guy I’d like to know your feelings about this community, just instinctively.
I will more than happy to help you to implement the “what are you working on topic”

You’re flattering me, you’re a BIG discourse contributor… I have been following you from the beginning :slight_smile:

NethServer is very good for educational and not-profit org. Take a look :slight_smile:

We have a good German speaking community here, take a look!

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That’s so important! If you share MAGIC things happen :mage: :sparkles:

Hamburg? So cool! You’re just five hours by car from Brussels!

Nice. That was a fun thread to read through. Though at this stage I am just as happy writing in english, esp about tech matters.

I haven’t spent much time here yet, but so far I am very impressed! I like the way you have set up your forum and also like this welcome topic which is the first I’ve participated in, to be honest. I think you may be giving out too many badges - not sure how other new members feel who are not familiar with discourse, but even I found the sheer volume of badge notifications to be a bit overwhelming and even confusing. :scream_cat: See screenshot. I wonder if there is a way to suppress badge notifications for some badges that are less important for the member to know about right away or that they never need to know about, like the Basic badge.

That said, I’m intrigued by the ‘Active last 30 Days’ badge - is that created with a query you can share? Is there also an ‘Active last 30-90 Days ago’ and ‘Active 90 days ago or older’ badge, so we know who to target to encourage to come back and who to give up on?

That would be super cool - thanks so much. Let me know where/how we can connect on this. Maybe you can join my discourse also or we can take it to another topic or PM here or on meta? As you prefer.

Oh god, you’re right I need to clean up a bit.

Yep. I use them just to enable combo badges like Bronze/Silver/Gold levels. Looks like I can’t disable such notifications :-\ without disabling such badges

For example:

 SELECT as user_id, last_posted_at as granted_at from users where last_posted_at > current_timestamp - interval '30' day order by last_posted_at desc