So, what are you working on? - 29 May 17

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

Ehi NethServer family,
what’s going on?? I flew out from Madrid just a few days ago coming back in Italy. Great experience again! :slight_smile: Talking about “What companies can learn from open source communities” take a look at the recording here. :video_camera:

Our community already knows what’s happening here this is my personal welcome to our new blood
asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.

Plus, I like hearing what other people do over the course of their day. What challenges they face and what keeps them up at night. So what specifically are you working on at the moment?

That’s call isn’t just for new people, I’m seeing a lot of people hanging around :slight_smile: @dz00te @des @indra @GG_jr @Stll0 @stephdl @Valeriy @ghost @Thyran_John_Wright @sharpec @jose_manuel_Insausti @Ctek @nick_k @saitobenkei @lucag what’s on your plate this week??

Cant bind to ldap
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(Saito Benkei) #3

Hi all,

I try to implement this project Projectsend in Nethserver NG 7.x

It works well but I have some trouble with zip archive and public download.
I already found a solution and submit modifications to author.

Basically we want to replace “Wetransfer” with something more controlled.

(Alex) #4

Good afternoon. My knowledge of Linux is only in the initial stages. I would like to organize a good security system on the basis of this distribution. Pop3 proxy (clamav + antispam), http and https proxy with authorization in Windows AD (clamav + filter), IDS and ISP. All this will work on Hyper-V with servers on Windows. Also a security option on the network, through virtual channels on the switches. Now I have the opportunity to deploy this scheme in a test mode (free server). As a result, I would like to receive an opinion and suggestions on the correctness of my idea. I will write a blog at every step.

In my spare time, I will help you with the translation into Ukrainian

(Alessio Fattorini) #5

@saitobenkei Looks interesting. What do you think about an integration webtop+Nextcloud to address this issue?
Which features do you need?

That sounds an amazing idea, I will happy to help. Just let me know how.

In my spare time, I will help you with the translation into Ukrainian

This is a great starting point:
thanks for your help

Which city in Ukraine? What do you do for living?

(Alex) #6

I live in Kiev.
The question of safety first. Integration of cloud and other systems require additional management consent, according to the security rules. Now I want to prepare myself and the working environment to use not only Windows platforms, but also Linux. I would like to revise the scheme of the network and applications (including security) in order to be ready for the integration of new systems.
I would like to implement the cloud system, but until I’m sure that I fully understand how it works at all levels, I will not integrate. Therefore I see for myself two global stages:

  1. Reviewing what is now, and adding systems on Linux
  2. Testing and integration of cloud systems with the maximum available protection

(Saito Benkei) #7

We need a system to transfer and trace the files exchange with our customers without using services like “wetransfer”.

We need to create users for the employers company that supervise files and import a list of users (with username and passwords) that are our customers.

The import of customers credentials must be made as many time we want, and must be activate and deactivate credentials based on a flag, or modify and add new customers.

I think that Nextcolud is too much “cloud-centric” with syncronization with devices for every user.
I don’t have too much experience with Webtop.

(Alessio Fattorini) #8

@Alex.m looks a great plan. Do you have any “real” environment where you can make your integration tests safely?
@saitobenkei thanks for replying, keep us updated. It looks promising

(Alex) #9

Yes, I have server with 16 cpu and 32 ram not in use now. I can copy real virtual servers from my environment there for test.

(Alessio Fattorini) #10

Good, I suggest you start from QA or translations. They are both an easy path for newcomers.

(Alex) #11

Ok, thank you.

(Thyran John Wright) #12

Hi Alessio

Thanks for the welcome.

I am new to nethserver our company has been using SME server and I have
been experimenting with Nethserver to perhaps use it as an alternative.

I have nethserver installed as a VM on proxmox and have added my domain

I am liking the simplicity of the interactive installation. After
installing removing the vm and starting the procedure again for
approximately five times I feel i am now comfortable with the installation
process and what parameters to configure in order to get nethserver

I did notice a few issues which caused more confusion than necessary such
as the the accounts provider not being able to set up active directory
until you update nethserver. I spent some time looking around for active
directory and why it was not available until i decided to do the updates
and then found active directory. It would be nice if this account provider
was available from the start i assume that will be available in your next

When creating the Active directory account is defaults with ad.domainname

When i entered my domain name leaving ad. in front this did not work and it
also appended ad. to my domain email accounts such as thyran@. which obviously didnt work.

I think it would be better if it asked you for your domain name instead of
appending ad.domain name once I had removed the ad. from the active
directory account everything worked as you would expect it.

I would be awesome if we could create samba shares in the nethserver webgui
and easily change the storage location to external drives.

I think once these details are added to the features of nethserver web gui
I would have every reason in the world to start using nethserver for our

By the way awesome job with the sogo integration and letsencrypt
certificates a few clicks of the mouse and its done no hands on CLI
required! Fantastic

Looking forward to growing with nethserver

Keep up the good work.



(Alessio Fattorini) #13

Ehi Thyran thanks for your long post and praises. You’re welcome, feel safe and ready to rock with NethServer!

Agree, it’s a bit awkward. @davidep has already thought about that, a new ISO is needed. What do you think Davide?

How can we improve that? Suggestions are welcome.

Manage external drives isn’t so straightforward by the WebUI. Take a look at this:

@giacomo made a great job with Let’sEncrypt. And for SOGo integration kudos to @stephdl and @mark_nl

Now it’s my turn :slight_smile:
How many SME installation to migrate do you have?
Are you going to set up any new one?
What do you do for living?