Procedure how new features are processed in the NethServer project

I am very glad our Feature category is quite lively and used a lot. I have repeatedly explained in different discussions how the process works to get a new feature implemented for NethServer.
The process is quite straightforward and organic.

Before I explain the procedure I want to emphasize that if you opt to develop a new feature, it is important that such a new feature is not only developed, but also maintained and updated when needed. This means that when you need to commit yourself to do the work, not only at start, but also after the maintenance as soon the feature is available. You should think of new versions of the feature or adaptation of the feature when a new version of NethServer comes out.

There are 3 steps in the creation of a new feature.

  • Request for a new feature. This is done by posting a new topic in the Feature category of these forums. Make sure do a SEARCH first so you know there wasn’t a previous request for the same feature. In you post you suggest the feature and explain why this would be a good addition for the NethServer project. Try to give an as complete as possible post. Maybe there are alternatives available with similar functionality. You can add why you would favor the option over other options.
    If the community thinks this feature is a good idea, it will get some response from other members.
  • Start a topic in the HOWTO category. Write step-by-step instructions how to install the feature in NethServer. In this topic other memebrs are encouriaged to try the howto and iron out any errors that are encountered. As soon the Howto is 100% reproducible, the Howto can get a spot in the wiki under userguides
  • Last step is creating a module/rpm for NethServer. This is probably the steepest step, since it takes quite some knowledge of the NethServer internals. Don’t be afraid and don’t let this scare your off. We are a helpfull community and the @dev_team is more than happy to assist you in creating a new module.

I hope we will get MANY MORE feature requests for new options to make NethServer even more versatile.


Awesome document.
I’d add: fight for your feature and persuade us!

I wrote down something about this long time ago

If the project provides a rpms, use them :slight_smile: don’t install from sources.

Please provide a link to our Dev howto or this How to help coding for this wonderful project?



Can I try yet to persuade that a NAS feature could be a good feature for NethServer, more now than Apple cut Time Capsule.

Can I try yet to persuade to focus on small business, freelance, and there’s a live without AD And LDAP services.

I will organize my brain… I’ve got a bunch of not so crazy ideas.

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Persuade and find more people as possible that support your ideas

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