Provide your voice in NethServer development and roadmap

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I’d like to start from Filippo’s post for invite every NethServer’s friend to make its voice heard:

  • Submitting ideas in the Feature Category
  • Chiming in existing proposals and improving the discussion with their point of view
  • Giving likes to the other good ideas

Make sure your feature isn’t already made or planned.
This is a list of TOP features by likes, views and replies.

In such way, you can truly provide your voice in NethServer development and roadmap. While I can’t promise developers will implement every idea I can say that these ideas will be actively monitored.

So, making a recap, we WANT beggars of new features, we WANT people with different points of view.

Are you not a developer? Totally fine, but you have to convince the community to support your proposal, being ready to discuss and defending such feature or improvement. Let’s try to explain us WHY and HOW NethServer should have this! You have to persuade many people :smile:

Just and example: I’m not a skilled developer, I know nothing about Ruby on Rails but I’m an active member of Discourse Community. I filled bugs and submitted my point of view on many features, suggesting a lot of them.
I’m not a “beggar” since I can’t do more than that, I won’t do better than that, I’m just a pretty expert of the interface but I can and I MUST give my opinion and send my requests since I know the product very well.



Can we have a little feedback about theses features proposals?

We understand that there’s priorities, there’s things that seem easier to implement than other…
It would be pleasant to know if a feature is in progress or not.

Can we tag them with Planned, In Progress and Implemented?

So you can search them with:
category:feature tag:planned

In the list they might appear like

What about?

Sure, It’s a simple good idea :smiley:

I think it’s simple and effective

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