phpBB3 on Nethserver

NethServer Version: 7 (proof of concept build, using the latest stable vers)
Module: WebServer

Has anyone successfully installed/run phpBB3 on Nethserver, and is there a HowTo?



Any howto phpbb3 on centos7 is supposed to be good, please install nethserver-mysql to get mariadb working and ready to create your database.

After that either move the php files to /var/www/html or create a virtualhost (with nethserver-virtualhosts)

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This shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish. phpbb is a LAMP application that probably will be quite easy to install.
@Jimbo, Could you give it a try to installl phpbb on NethServer and write a howto for it? There are quite some examples in the Howto section of these forums so you can have peek there to get inspiration on writing a howto.
If you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to ask and we will help you.
We have a straightforward procedure hwo new features are implemented on NethServer. Procedure how new features are processed in the NethServer project

This topic can serve as a feature request (I already changed the section for this topic to features)
Now we are busy starting to discuss this feature: why do you think phpbb is the forumsoftware of choice for NethServer? Personally I would favor Discourse (what we use here) because the analasys features for Discourse are IMO a lot better than phpbb has.
other options:
SMF: (used at zentyal)
More examples of alternatives:

The need for phpBB is historical: I’m replacing an old “hand built” sever, that I set to work back in 2005, and it seems that Nethserver is a cleaner way of deploying functions like mail, filtering, firewalling, filesharing, etc. However, I’m running a phpBB on the old server, so the new one has to be able to do the same, other wise I will incur the wrath of the users


I used the instructions on on a test-bed yesterday. With nethserver-mysql installed, phpBB appeared to install OK, but when it finished the install script, it showed the standard warning screen requesting that the “install” directory and contents be removed to allow use. This was done, but there was something wrong with the installation, as it didn’t recognise that the “install” directory was gone, and the control panel could not be accessed.

This may be down to the state of the test-bed, so I’m going to build from bare metal today and see what happens

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Good to see you are busy getting phpbb on NethServer.
Keep in mind that you will need to import the old database into the new install. This should be quite straighforward. There are many instruction on internet to guide you.
I am unsure if you can use a database that is used in an older version of mysql. Maybe it should be prepared/changed to be used in mariadb on NethServer.