Password Management like Bitwarden/Vaultwarden-Module


I would like a Bitwarden/Vaultwarden-Module.
Password Management is one of the important things for admins and user.
I have been using 1Password for 10 years and would like to have an alternative.

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@capote A VAultwarden App for Nethserver 8 is work in progress from the lis tof Apps here

NS8-Modules Mayhem: A Modules Dev thread on multiple modules issues faced - Development - NethServer Community

the module itself is available here compgeniuses/ns8-vaultwarden ( but not yet in useable state.

At the moment stuck at

looks like i am only limited to using these two methods 2024-02-06T11:35:36+03:00 [1:vaultwarden2:vaultwarden-app] Please generate a secure Argon2 PHC string by using vaultwarden hash or argon2.

And mor einfo as documented here: Enabling admin page - vaultwarden - Gitlockr | A self hosted version of Gitea

PHC is found here: phc-string-format/ at master · P-H-C/phc-string-format (

let me see if i can put in some more time for it over the weekend and get it working