Pane is dead error on install

I want to install nethserver on a new computer but when i try to but the nethserver installation file i get the error:
anaconda for CentOs 7 started.

  • installation log files are stored in /tmp during the installation
  • shell is available on TTY2
  • if the graphical installation interface fails to start, try again with the inst.text bootoption to start text installation

Running pre installation scripts
The following problem occurred on line 0 of the kickstart file:

Unable to open input kickstart file: curl#37 - “Couldn’t open file /tmp/network-include”

How do i fix this error and install nethserver?

Wonderful! Could you please provide more info about your “new computer”?

I found some threads at the web. The people always say the white spaces are the problem.

Perhaps this can help.

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these are the components i currently use:
asrock b560m motherboard
samsung 970 evo 1tb storage
Intel i7-10700k
2 crucial 16gb cards

Some guys managed to install CentOS 7 without issues on a 10th gen motherboard
but IDK if the kernel provided with 7.9.2009 ISO is… capable of that.

Different from the example: Intel H410 chipset instead of B560, which is newer. So IDK of this will match.
However… you can look for CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-2009.iso from CentOS Mirrors, then “nethify it” using this procedure. ISOs of CentOS 7 might be bit more fresh than the pre-cooked one.

I suggest you to “mimic” the partitioning scheme from default install, otherwise… something could go sideways during restore. It’s only a small experience of a disk upgrade but…

Moreover: during install take notes of the steps. It will ease you a future reinstall and/or disaster recovery.

Last resource: create a custom ISO with latest kernel, suggesting to use the CentOS 7 default iso and not the pre-cooked from NethServer

Keep community posted, please.


I have used balena etcher to write the iso file to a usb stick and i am going through the setup but i noticed i dont have any network devices is this a big problem or does this fix itself when i press begin installation?

I guess you need to install a driver after the install.

Here’s a thread about the Intel I219-V:

everything works fine now thanks for your help


@gerrietech are you willing to write down a small howto for how did you installed Intel driver in your NethServer?
In future might be useful for persons who had the same problem :slight_smile:
I did something similar with Realtek adapters here, but more related with performance and stability.

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