NS8 Print Server

Is print server functionality coming to NS8?

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I don’t know what the plans are regarding features, etc of the devs are. However, that’s a somewhat nebulous question. When you say printserver, do you mean for Macs, Linux & Other Unix, or Windows? or some combination of all of them?

Printservers for Mac, Linux, *BSD, and probably most of the modern Illumos groups just works. Use CUPS - it’s included in every modern Linux distribution.

For Windows, you’ll need to use a Samba Share to host printer drivers, and just use the Samba<->CUPS integration to provide printers to Windows the ‘old’ SMB way, or… if you are capable, provide windows the address to the CUPS server and just utilize it like that.

anyway, running a printserver today really is rather wrote. just get it done, the software is ready, and it’s now just a matter of configuration.

my understanding is that, NEthserver 8 should reach feature parity with nethserver 7.
In relation to addiitonal components like these ones, we will have to wait till final release, then the priority modules are implemented.

In my understand this should be a core module

If a serious printsolution is wanted, I would strongly recommend to look at SavaPage (again)


if you can follow these instructions, NS8-Generic Containers-: Install Uptime-kuma - Howto - NethServer Community
and modify them using the below command

using this command

docker run -d --name savapage -v /var/run/dbus:/var/run/dbus --privileged -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:ro --net=host -p 8631:8631 -p 8632:8632 -p 9100:9100 -p 631:631 savapage amrhegazy/savapage

from here: amrhegazy/savapage - Docker Image | Docker Hub

i guess you should be able to install it on your server. the image is old, but so is the official repo

SavaPage / savapage-server · GitLab

A more complex angle would be to use this implementation by @mrmarkuz to implement an NS8 module

nethserver-savapage/nethserver-savapage.spec at master · mrmarkuz/nethserver-savapage (github.com)


to each their own. I’ll use CUPS since it’s also a serious printserver. I’m not going to put down your choice as inferior because I’ve never used it. That said the implication that CUPS is somehow not as good as the serious solution of savapage, that’s incorrect. CUPS is used in fortune 100 companies all the way down to households with single printer and just a couple PCs. Moreover, it’s been a savior for me in a 96 bed hospital with 2k+ employees, 500 different printers, etc. Clustered CUPS, authenticated from Active Direcotry. Yes, it’s a solid and serious solution. This was back in 2007. It’s got some history and been doing a good job for quite some time.

CUPS ==> Common UNIX Printing System.

It’s an excellent choice.

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A bit off-topic, but SavaPage is a management module on top of CUPS. It makes it possible to add several management options for the printers in your network.