Not possible to login into Webtop

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: Webtop

Hello developers and others,

I have installed the mailserver and webtop on my NS8 test machine. Unfortunately, the login does not work with Webtop. Neither with the account admin and PW admin nor with a user from the Samba domain. Could it be that something is wrong in Webtop?




Go to Mail and check the Mailboxes are listed for LDAP users.

In Webtop config, did you select the Mail domain?

If both are ok, uninstall Webtop and try to repeat its installation.

Hi @davidep

1: OK

2: OK

3: I will do so…

No chance.

Type the Webtop URL, without any path.

Hard reload of page in your browser, Ctrl + shift + R

Credentials without any domain suffix

Caps lock off :grimacing:

The same bullshit like before. :grimacing:

We need logs to understand please catch in logs the error message

You can filter by module_ID

Hi @stephdl,

this is not possible at the moment. I have reset the machine (running on Proxmox), reinstalled the mail function and am now trying Roundcube, which also works wonderfully. I will set up another VM in the next few days and test it again with Webtop.



Webtop authenticate via ldap and tnroundcubemail via imap

Sogo is available too (ldap authentication)

Hi @stephdl,

new installation of mailserver and webtop on the same virtual machine (4 Cores and 20 GB RAM).
It’s not possible to get a login in webtop. Not with admin account and also not as a normal user.
Also not possible is the login into the Rspamd webinterface. Here are the logs of webtop:

we need logs when the user is refused

honestly since you have many issues it is time that you describe how you installed the server, describe the hypervisor, and probably the scenario

Hypervisor is Proxmox on a Odroid H3+. Processor with 4 cores and total 64 GB RAM.
NS8 works on a virtual 500 GB disk. Samba AD is installed and works stable. There is nothing in the logs what describe the problem. The problem is the same, when ich change the browser from Firefox to Edge.

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cc @transocean

2024-01-29T20:31:00+01:00 [1:webtop1:postgres] LOG:  database system was not properly shut down; automatic recovery in progress

@lucag already hit a Webtop (Postgres) init failure with a “slow” machine. It could require more time to complete than expected.


Why a slow computer? The thing runs like neighbor Schmidt’s cat when it sees a mouse. The pure mail server application also works. And Roundcube runs too. Only Webtop and Nextcloud are proving recalcitrant.

because we do not wait that the database has finished to start

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Hm…, should I perhaps refrain from running NS8 on the Odroid under Proxmox and return to real hardware?


yes and no, I love to have race horse but others want work horse and NS8 must work everywhere

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Would it be possible to test something for me

in the terminal of the NS8 install webtop manually


how many core for the VM of NS8, 2 is a requirement I think ?