Nextcloud 20 Release

It seems Nextcloud is growing and maturing pretty fast.

Nextcloud 20 introduces many very useful features and functions.

i think i will love the bridges to nextcloud talk. those will be fantastic and wonderful.

Not sure how bridges to slack and teams will be working.


Thanks for the news!!

It seems that Nextcloud only cares about increasing the version number and adding features on features without maintaining them properly.


…like E2EE…

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Yeah, the more I see over at Nextcloud the more I’m glad WE’RE not pushing out v20 until… all the apps work properly, etc. The last thing I need are broken production servers.


New features on nextcloud seems cool. Our bot created all the stuff for nextcloud, but I’d prefer wait a little bit before releasing it.
I’d say, we can wait for of 20.1 release :wink:


Nice idea. I don’t know why, but i like it.

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we can still have a testing branch available for install on the nethserver testing repo of sorts…