Nextcloud 16 released

i’m offering some time to test the 16.0.4 nextcloud packages the next days’s ,
if someone will update the nextcloud packages :wink:

I think we as nethserver community must implement the updates quicker to keep nextcloud on nethserver secure and with less bugs simple because of the fact that nethserver is THE one-click install nextcloud distribution.


Sounds great Jos. Thanks for helping us and contributing to the project.

But they are on “IT-holidays” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess referring to this discussion: Typo at the Subscription page :wink:

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Yes, you’re right, only a little joke by the way.

Ready for testing!


tested test case 1 and test case 2 clean install en update successfull without errors


Thank you, I’m going to release it soon! :wink:

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time to test a updated nethserver-package is available

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and yes there is Nextcloud 17 already, Nextcloud is moving fast.


Are they gonna compete with Firefox? 16 is about 16 months old…

Too fast for my taste :smiley:

A update tot 16.0.5 would by the most safe way in my opion for the moment

I agree, but right now we are working on NS 7.7. The new nextcloud will need to wait a little bit longer than usual.

If you want to test earlier, please open a PR!

However, the sound of remote wipe is quite nice. But I have no idea (yet) how it is implemented and how safe or secure this feature is…

Ready to be tested!

Sorry for the delay :wink:


both testcases update and fresh install successful


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