Nextcloud version 17

@jgelauff NextCloud 17 is ready for testing :wink:

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update already tested succesfull


and the clean install (openldap) successfull

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I noticed an alert in NextCloud saying 17.0.1 was available and a link to a page in update.

There’s no mention in my NethServer. Should I wait until there’s an update in my NethServer applications or software centre (using Cockpit)? Or can I update from inside NextCloud? (I’m guessing I can but shouldn’t).


Yes. As yesterday’s post indicates, it’s in testing now, so it should be released within a few days if they don’t find any issues.

Your guess is correct.


A quick test shows it is working but has problems with external SMB/CIFS storage. Shares that were configured before the update will keep working. New shares cannot be added.
On another test server, a popup showed one time:

This is quite strange, sabredav is not related with CIFS.
Also the link you posted point to onlyoffice …


Fixed the link (multitasking error :blush:).
They are different issues. Sorry for not making that clear. The sabre/dav message is unrelated to CIFS issue, it appeared on a server with webtop, nextcloud, onlyoffice.

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maybe it is time for an update?

cool… remote wipe will be available from nextcloud 17…

Like it… (I think)

Ready to be tested!