Nextcloud 16 released

The Nextcloud devs aren’t taking a break! Version 16 is released:


It’s on QA
Thx to @giacomo ! :clap:


We need some testing on the new release 16.0.1!


@quality_team @LayLow could you please help us with this?

Will try today. Thanks.


New Nextcloud version 16.0.2 is in testing:
I’ve tested the update from 16.0.1 version using ldap account provider and it works.


I also upgraded from 16.0.1 to 16.0.2. Also LDAP. No issues.

No guts, no glory!


16.0.2 has been released
Thanks to @davidep @LayLow @dz00te for the QA :clap:


and now .3 drops… smh.

Yep. But I would be more interested in the changelog and if it is worth to build a new Nethserver version for every minor release.

For security and major bugs fixing updates in minor versions, I would say yes. For cosmetic changes and some new features I would say no.

Next to that, major releases are announced and have RC’s, so at such a time, the Nethserver-version could be update to the latest minor release to prepare for the next major release upgrade path.

Otherwise the dev team is required to follow the Nextcloud releases on a daily basis. So in short, is it worth it to release a new minor release, and can we upgrade to a major release skipping some minor releases.

Make any sense? Prob. not… :wink:

Sincerely I don’t agree.
I mean… I would not build/release a custom at the xx.0.0 of the new source package, but i’ll wait at least a week or two for let the users find the remaining issues not caught by beta or QA group. Quite all the times happens.
Therefore, I’ll do the release. But that’s only what i think…

And that’s fair enough!

i’m facing a serious upload problem that is fixed in Nextcloud 16.0.3
see also

Here is the patch if you want to apply it. It is holiday season, I don’t know if devs are around to release 16.0.3 any time soon. Until then you are on your own. Make sure you backup you nextcloud files before you do anything.


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Updated package in progress:


Developers never sleep! :stuck_out_tongue:

@jgelauff you can test the package from testing:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-nextcloud

Please report the result of your test !


Too much coffee? :laughing:

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updated with the test package.
(drag and drop) upload is working fine now.
all looking fine, no errors with the update


…and now they’re up to 16.0.4:

Changelog is not that short…