Nethserver-php-scl for NS7 needs testers


I rewritten nethserver-php-scl from NS6 to use php-fpm (fastCGI) instead of CGI, and this time we will use the repository remi-safe. In this repo, only version are tested to not upgrade base rpms of centos, so it is enabled by default. The pro is that it is like epel, easier to follow updates, the cons, we must trust in Remi Collet. Since it is christmas, you have php56, php70, php71

Of course, because it is a beta stage, I’m listening you

to install remi repo
yum install

to install my rpm

yum install

after that you have two panels

  • Virtualhosts
    you can choose the version of PHP for this virtualhost and set the php values if apache is the handler of PHP (set the version of PHP in the php settings panel)

  • Php settings Panel

In this panel you can choose the version of PHP and you can set (as default )the php values, that apache will run as default for the whole web server

For testing purpose you need to put a phpinfo file in a virtuahost and play with the different settings to see if all is right.

echo '<?php phpinfo(); ?>' > /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/VHostName/info.php

then reach the url (set in you LAN the DNS relation between your Vhost and an IP)

Normally you have the most used rpm shipped with my module, but you might need to find other one for your specific needs. If you think that it could be added as dependencies for giving the life easier to others, please ask.

All php rpm must be installed directly from Remi by a yum command line. For example if you want to display all available rpm for the software collection

yum list available php* --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=remi-safe

If you want to install a rpm for all php version (php56,php70,php71)

yum install php56-php-dba php70-php-dba php71-php-dba


bump, please test and report

you’re missing ‘install’ in your rpm command.


Good catch. Fixed.

I installed your rpm into a test v7rc3 dc vm with only backup installed, rebooted, selected php 5.6 for Apache and rebooted, didn’t see any issues, installed Nextcloud, added an app, connected with a desktop client and by browser, created a doc with the nextcould app, edited it, shows php5.6 in the nextcloud settings gui, back in the NS gui I added a user, user was added but group add failed, went back and added the user to the group, successful, checked user was in nextcloud user list, success… all good so far, haven’t seen any glitches in the gui pages or in uploading to nextcloud in the browser.


Installed NS v7rc3 … basically, wot he done, except I joined an NS AD domain to get the users - also v7rc3, and being used for real by a small group.

I made a virtual host, and added a phpinfo file and it all worked perfectly with php 5.6, 7 and 7.1.

Now installed a load of NextCloud apps, and more NS Apps. So far no problems.


You made @alep happy, that’s a great news for NextCloud developments

Installed and running on my little server - but have hit a snag.

I have set my default php to php 5.6, and if I put an phpinfo() file in there, I can see the smbclient module loads. However, if I make a vhost, and set it to use php 5.6, the module does not load.

I do not know if there is some limitation to the FPM/FastCGI Server API, or if it is some bug somewhere. FPM/FastCGI does not load htaccess files - but I get the same with a vhost with no htaccess in it as well.

But just had an epiphany - if I set the sites default php to php 5.6, and the vhosts php to default, the vhost uses 5.6, the Server API is Apache 2.0 Handler, and the module is loaded :slight_smile: My problem solved.

But it does mean that if someone wanted to use php > 5.4 - the installed default - but needs a vhost to run 5.4, there is no way to do that.



I don’t get you, what is the relation between apache/php and samba, nethserver-php-scl doesn’t modify the samba service at all.

what is the ‘module’ that you are talking ???

that is the normal behaviour

Indeed if you run php56 for the whole server, php54 is no more available, you must let php54 for apache and in each vhost set another versions

Released :slight_smile:

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Good to know, I hope that @quality_team and @Don_Robertson help you test it.

Are we going to make this an official package to be installed from the Software Center?

Hi @fasttech, thank for your interest but i have no plan yet for this.

Then we have no plan for Nextcloud 11…

I believe in the future, @giacomo did a rpm better for this purpose, nethserver-rh-php56-fpm

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The good news it that @giacomo is working on it and we have a package in testing.


I had dust in my eye when I looked at that on github, so it’s not my fault I didn’t see that… desert dweller and all that.


php72-fpm released for ns7


need inputs for php73-b3, could you test the rpm

yum install

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Installs without problems.

Working in /var/www/html and in vhosts:

Tested a website(CMSimple) and a php script, both worked. :clap:

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