Nextcloud and php versions

I haven’t said anything because I haven’t wanted be difficult about it but I’m going to bring it up again.

I’ve done some searching but my google fu sucks and I can’t find what version of php centos 7.3 is going to come with.

So, in the interest of our philosophy of keeping admin simple and minimizing the use of the command line… like for scl… how are we going to address this going forward…

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Install nethserver-php-scl for ns7 and you can run php56/php70/php71 either for one virtualhost or for the whole apache server

Beta stage but it should work :wink:

FYI el7 runs php54

@stephdl is this to be the upgrade path once we’re on final release for NS? Are we going to try to script this installation of scl when a new user selects nextcloud by the time nextcloud is on 11 or are we going to hold our nextcloud package at 10 for the base user?

Well in my fact my scl rpm aims a different goal than @giacomo 's one. I want to be idiot compatible (and I’m proud of that), giacomo is more on the developer’s side.

If nextcloud brings a new rpm with N11, then the template of apache must be adapted to use the php56 of nethserver-rh-php56-php-fpm, and this path is scriptable by the software center, because the repository used is the centos scl, enabled by default.

If you install manually a web application (whatever Nextcloud or not) my scl rpm will ease your installation since a lot of php{56,70,71}-php-* are installed from base and you need a mouse to click. However you can also use it with a rpm based installation but firstly you need to install the remi repository since we use the remi-safe branch (no upgrades of existent other rpms). The remi installation is not scriptable :frowning:

This said, I’m not sure that to upgrade a rpm by the administration panel is a good idea, a rpm takes care of the name of files, and after a web upgrade you can add files which were not added by the rpms, then when you will want to remove the rpms, probably you will have many orphan files. Nevertheless, if the developers offer this upgrade path, I hope that they thought about this.

Concerning nethserver-php-scl (my rpm) the choice to go with remi was done with el6, but sure that now we could go with the centos scl repository php56 php70 (enabled by default yes), even so we lack php71 and many many many php{56,70,71}-php-* that remi takes care to bring in his repo. Quite all rpms you find in centos repo are done by him, however the politic of security/quality/… gives time to wait/loose.



I seem to remember that we had multiple discussions and fixed a couple problems with multiple version of PHP within NS 6. Just out of interest, why is the NS GUI / system still using PHP v5.4? (I believe that the latest stable version is 5.6.2x)

Ask to redhat inc :slight_smile:

In fact they backport security fixes of php54 for the ten years of the el7 life, but you are right php54 and php55 are EOL


I am setting up a new server using NS 6.8 and want to use PHP5.6 but can’t find / install php-scl for this version of NS.

Can stephdl provide the repository / yum command for this module?

Here are some hints:

Thanks Marc,

I did a page of documentation


Continuing the discussion from Nextcloud update instructions:

As @fasttech just suggested, we should address this issue and start working on NextCloud 11 upgrade.
How can we tackle this? Is SCL approach doable? @dev_team

Php scl is the only way if you need a major version. @giacomo did a rpm for that, probably you just need to install some php56-php-* needed and do some reverse proxy to the php-fpm port in the apache conf.

If the issue is only php56 then it will be easy. Said that I didn’t test nextcloud11…maybe you can have a go easily

Install my php-scl rpm and set php56 for the whole server
Install nethserver-nextcloud
Upgrade to nextcloud11 by a rpm if it exists

And look what it is broken

Nextcloud 11 is in my todo list since last year, sadly we don’t have time nor resources to do the job right now :frowning:

I know that also @alep is interested on moving it forward, but right now is not a priority.

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This really gave me a good laugh…

When our documentation says ‘supported’, all it means is that one or more of the developers (volunteers as far as the community is concerned) has tried it and it didn’t break.

Mildly interesting discussion… it ends with scl being the preferred.

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I know I’m good to dig up dead subject
but I prefer that then starting a new thread… anyways

I found this topic too late, and install PHP-SCL after Nextcloud
so I wonder if I did right by

editing the file /etc/httpd/conf.d/nextcloud.conf

and replace this line :
    #        SetHandler "proxy:fcgi://"
by this one : 
             SetHandler "proxy:fcgi://"

At least now Nextcloud use PHP 7.1 as I want but the question is …
it is the best way to do it or I just mess up with a configfile

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience and your knowledge about this :wink:

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it doesnt seems to be a template so you are right, but the next nextcloud update will erase your change